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  1. Hi, I received an email from western which recommended me for a post-graduate diploma in applied health sciences. Is this diploma helpful for admission to OT? Does its GPA count toward OT admission? Thanks.
  2. Yes. Will try again next year. But will take more courses to boost GPA
  3. I am sorry to hear that. But you can always reapply. Where are you from?
  4. I wonder if Mac and other schools in Ontario except queens and u of t have reduced recruiting number this year as well?
  5. Looks like most universities in Ontario don’t take in as many OT applicants as in past years? I feel that’s unfair. Why don’t they just write it on their website?
  6. How many students does Queens OT usually recruit ? Where do you see queens mention the small class size?
  7. Is the deadline for dal ot first round offer June 4? Can some offers be accepted after that date?
  8. Today I received a letter saying that I am waitlisted for Dal OT. Finally hear from them!
  9. Hey, just wonder are those programs at TRU and UOfC undergrad or master programs? What is the difference after you graduate from those programs and graduate from other master programs?
  10. Hi, congrats on your admission. Just wonder how much French applicants need to be qualified to study in McGill
  11. Do you mean western and Mac calculate the gpa of last two years from undergrad +graduate ? Or they calculate last two years from undergrad and graduate separately?
  12. Hey, but ORPAS calculate GPA for western and Mac differently from u of t and queens?
  13. Does anyone know when applicants for DAL OT receive rejection usually ?
  14. Does anyone know if master degree gpa is counted towards gpa for admission
  15. Thanks. And if I don’t take it with a full course load, does it count towards gpa calculation
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