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  1. anything from anyone????? nothing here still
  2. It could still be tomorrow. A friend of mine who got in last year had their verifier ask to have it completed by May 7, but got an offer the morning of the 7th as well!
  3. Yeah I feel the same, definitely go through a roller coaster everyday between thinking I have a chance, and mentally preparing to be rejected hahaha
  4. Are any of your verifiers that were contacted the people who wrote your reference letters?
  5. 2 weeks couldn't come faster ugh. I'm still obsessing over verifiers and keep wondering about if they've been contacted or not. I know Dr. Paccione said that it was random but I can't help but feel like they would definitely contact your verifiers if you got in! This is torture....
  6. Anyone heard anything? I know they're random but I can't help but feel anxious still....
  7. Does anyone know what the video that the first years sent is about? I didn't receive a video.... It was mentioned by someone in the blog post
  8. It's crazy how everything is so different than it was a month ago. Only 1 more month guys! On another note, has anyone heard if their verifiers have been contacted? Im feeling super anxious about this!
  9. My friend in second year. Their class had a Q&A session with the dean the other day.
  10. There has been word that the Dean has mentioned that there may not be a class of 2023 because all of the upper years are going to be so behind after the pandemic ends.... anyone else heard anything about this?
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