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  1. Hi! Now that course registration has begun, I'm kind of nervous that the waitlist won't move that much but I'm quite close to the next potential offer for Mtl campus. What is the likelihood that the waitlist will move from now until August? Does anyone know how many spots usually open starting now until classes start as seen in previous years
  2. The deadline for accepting an offer was yesterday, and the next potential offer at MTL campus has been at 14 since May 26. Does that mean the waitlist won't move anymore since the deadline passed already? In previous years, has the waitlist moved even after the start of course registration?
  3. Hey I don't know if anyone saw but the Med-P waitlist moved today!! It now says that the next potential offer is Montreal: 14 and Outaouais: 11 Congrats to those who got in!!
  4. Hi! Anyone else on the Med-P waitlist 2020? I'm between 15-20 on the waitlist... Don't want to get too discouraged! Does anyone know how much it moved last year?
  5. Thank you, you too!! 36.6 is a really good R-score! Your CV or Casper could have been strong as well
  6. Thanks for the reply! How long did it take to receive your decision for the scholarship after you applied for it?
  7. Hi! Has anyone heard any news about their McGill Major Entrance Scholarship application? Do you know when they’ll start giving out decisions (**Edit: decisions for the Major Entrance Scholarship)? When I go on Minerva, it says that my application is being reviewed by a selection committee
  8. Congrats to everyone!! I look forward to seeing this thread grow hehe INVITE/REGRET: Further review required. I got shortlisted omg!! CEGEP: Dawson TIME STAMP: 10 AM on April 3rd when I woke up! CRC: 37.2 FEELINGS ABOUT CASPER: I honestly don’t know how I did... There were some questions that I didn’t have time to complete. I answered truthfully and I hope that with the time constraint my writing still made sense! Haha OVERVIEW OF CV: Tutoring during the semester, summer volunteering, some work experience (summer job), awards and distinctions from high school
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