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  1. Does anyone know if it will be okay for medical schools if I defer a year or just take an additional year due to COVID-19? I am a Biochemistry major and a Business minor, who was planning on completing my degree in four years, but obviously COVID-19 completely messed things up, and I think I have to take an extra year now. There are a couple of microbiology lab courses that are online next year, but I would like to take them in person since they are extremely engaging, and I want to genetically modify bacteria in person than online. I am planning on applying to UBC, U of C, and U of A, and I currently just finished my second year. I am planning on taking three more years, all with a full course load, and five courses each semester. I would like to know how UBC, U of C, and U of A would look at my grades then, and from which years they will take my grades, as I am planning on applying during my fifth year, or once I have graduated, so I will be eligible for aGPA or wGPA at all of the schools. If anyone applied to those schools with a fifth year, could you please let me know about your experience, and how your grades were calculated? Thank you in advance.
  2. It is very unique to hear your views and experience, thank you for sharing them. As a side note, I was wondering why higher education is not encouraged in the households of black people. I am genuinely curious to know this. As someone of Asian descent and a minority, all I have ever heard of from Asian families, whether from Eastern Asia or South Asia, is how much they value higher education, and how important it is to work hard and attain reputable carriers, and to be successful, especially in countries like USA and Canada. I am assuming that any family would want their children to work hard, be successful, and try and attain reputable carriers, where they can earn a good income and be well off. In that case, I have heard from my black peers as well, that it is frowned upon for them to achieve higher education or successful carriers, while that is the opposite for other minorities usually, and I was genuinely curious as to why. I feel that affirmative action and all of these opportunities would not successfully work, if the drive to attain these professions is frowned upon in these households, and comes from the inner selves. However, I do understand multiple outside influences as well, and how oppression against black and First Nations communities have hardwired these feelings into those people for generations, but I was wondering if there are other reasons within their own communities as well.
  3. I am a Biochemistry major, but I am also doing a minor in Business. I have definitely become involved with an organization that focuses on young entrepreneurs and allows students in Business to go to various schools, like elementary schools, junior high and high schools in the area, and give presentations regarding businesses, managing your finances, how to be an entrepreneur, marketing skills, and other skills as well. It is helping tremendously with my public speaking and leadership skills, and in other areas as well. I encourage you to get involved in something that you are passionate about, and not just because it will look good on an application, or be a wonderful Top Ten experience.
  4. Thank you so much. That is so great that you also turned your GPA around. It was pretty disheartening to know that I won't be eligible for wGPA if I did not take 5 courses each semester since my first year was so bad, but it is great to know that I can write an essay explaining my situation. I am also an Alberta resident so I was planning on applying to U of A, U of C, and UBC, since I would like to stay near my family, however, I also have some family in Toronto so I was thinking of applying to U of T as well. I qualify for wGPA or aGPA for U of A, U of C, and UBC, so I only need to write the essay for U of T. Thanks for letting me know about all of this.
  5. I do have a valid academic explanations essay, and I can explain why I was not able to maintain a full course load for first year and also for the first semester of second year. Other than that, the rest of my semesters had full course loads of five courses each semester. My GPA in first year was 2.20, and it was 3.90 second year, 4.0 in third year, and 4.0 in fourth year, so they could also tell from my first year GPA that I had an extenuating circumstance in first year. I truly hope I qualify for wGPA for U of T, since my cGPA will be very bad. I am also planning on graduating in four years, so it is not like I wanted to delay my university graduation and take a slow path or anything, I genuinely had an extenuating circumstance for all of first year.
  6. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if I can ever apply to U of T med school? I heard we need a full course load to be eligible for wGPA, but I am not sure if that is 4 or 5 courses. I took four courses in each semester of first year. I had four courses for my first semester of second year, and five courses for second semester of second year (if they calculate Winter 2020). I still have third and fourth year left, for which I will take a full course load of five courses each semester. Please let me know, thank you.
  7. That helps a lot, thank you. I’m only applying to UBC, U of A, and U of C, so that is a relief that UBC does not require an applicant to take at least three courses at or above the year level each term. I’m a Biochemistry major, and I have like 6 Chem courses at the 200 level, or 2nd year level, and also at least 4 other Biology and Statistics courses, so I have no way of completing all of them in my 2nd year. I also have any 3rd or 4th year courses for Biochem, and I think it’s only 4 each year, or 2 per semester, that are at the year level or above the year level. Thank you so much for the information though.
  8. Does anyone know which medical schools actually require you to take courses at or above the year level? If I am in 3rd year or 4th, will medical schools, especially U of C, U of A, and UBC, require me to take at least three 3rd year and 4th year courses in each semester? Could you send me a link to it if you can?
  9. Your extracurriculars look amazing. Your GPA is a bit on the lower side, however, UCalgary puts a high emphasis on extracurriculars and how well you write your top 10s. I think you have a good chance, but I would suggest either rewriting your MCAT and getting a higher score, or doing something else to increase your GPA like another year, another undergrad, or masters, since people who usually get Md/PhD interviews have a really high GPA. If your GPA is 3.85 omitting this Winter 2020 semester, then I do not think it’s too low and it is still competitive. I would encourage rewriting the MCAT though if you could, and also making your ECs even more impactful and writing your top 10s very well.
  10. There is a lot of talk on this forum regarding general MD applications but very few about Md/PhD applications. What do you need in your application to be considered for an Md/PhD interview, and how do you prepare yourself to be a competitive candidate? Any information will be useful regarding how to get an Md/PhD interview, and also how competitive it usually is.
  11. Oh I had no idea, thanks so much, and sorry that I gave you wrong information. I need to go register for the summer English courses now.
  12. Oh okay then I'm not too sure. I go to Uvic and most people there apply to UBC medicine, and a lot of them told me that UBC does not look at summer courses, therefore english courses taken in the summer won't fulfil the prerequisite either.
  13. You can't fill UBC's english requirements by taking the courses in the summer unfortunately. I am also trying to apply to UBC and I have to take the two English courses during the semester, because I heard they don't count summer courses and the English requirement would not be fulfilled.
  14. Now that U of A and U of C have implemented the policy that Winter 2020 grades will not be calculated, how are they going to calculate grades? Since they made the decision to omit the grades from this semester, they should do that only, omit it, and not take grades from our previous semester since that does not make sense. I am confused as to how U of A, U of C, and UBC will calculate GPA now since they require three years, or six semesters, for GPA calculation. I currently just completed my second semester of second year, and if they decide to omit this, I was wondering if they will calculate my GPA using my first year grades. All three of those schools have always said that the first year or worst year will be dropped, so it is kind of unfair if they just randomly take grades from our first year, or a worse semester.
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