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  1. For anyone interested in stats about medical specialties in Canada, check out https://www.cma.ca/canadian-specialty-profiles. The CMA posts data on average gross income, average % overhead, average number of hours worked per week, job satisfaction etc. I was surprised to see that the specialties were more similar than I expected- except for things like cardiology, neurosurgery, etc. (which are a bit crazy), the majority of specialties work about 50 hours per week (as a staff) and make $300-450k with overhead generally being 20-30%, with some ~40% on the high end. For those talking up derm, it's not quite as rosy as you'd think- although it may vary by provide, the average derm salary in Canada is $430k + 35% overhead working 55 hours per week. The salary is only slightly higher than most others, and the overhead and hours per week are higher than most
  2. This is correct! I came across the same issue when I applied and I emailed OMSAS about it, and they told me (as hbmed said) that you are assuming you're getting into medicine, so you put the date that you would finish studies if you get in (April 2021)
  3. To add to this- I am fairly certain that western is the ONLY school with this rule (someone correct me if I'm wrong), so you shouldn't have to worry too much, you just might not be able to apply to this one school. As mentioned though, it doesn't hurt to email Western and see if you'd still be eligible with your circumstances
  4. For sure it makes sense why they'd want to get that stuff in early, I just think it's a bit inflexible/non-understanding to threaten to rescind someone's offer for handing things in a few days late, especially for circumstances like COVID which are totally out of everyone's control
  5. That's actually crazy that Queen's would take such a tough stance on this with COVID happening- Ottawa has been great with telling us (and me personally) just to get everything you can in by the deadline (which is August 3rd, as mentioned) and not to worry about things you can't. They also told me specifically that things just need to be done before clinical placements
  6. I mean transcripts were only due June 30th though- I assume most people sent them in earlier but it would have been weird for her to say mid-June that they were almost done reviewing them when the deadline was still 2 weeks away
  7. "Social media shouting at each other seems to have become the norm, rather than a thoughtful, respectful conversation" - I could not agree more with that statement
  8. Yeah I mean they originally said they'd register people in June so it was supposed to be sooner but hopefully this time it really is in the next few weeks!
  9. No I know they're probably really busy but I really hope we hear from them/are registered soon! I'm so impatient ahah and I always secretly worry that somehow I'll mess up the offer conditions or something- it'll feel nice to be officially registered
  10. I remember I checked my OMSAS (randomly) a few days ago so I'm guessing that last year's portal very recently got shut down, which may be why Queen's thinks that you're still able to access it. Personally with only 4 days, I would email Queen's again right away with the screenshots to be extra safe- but that's just me. As for the transcript, for uOttawa we had to submit it through OMSAS again so I assume Queen's wants the same, although this is again complicated if OMSAS is closed now
  11. Not sure about the due date, but if you apply for OSAP or even just use the aid estimator it tells you the tuition and fees
  12. Hi again Sara- unfortunately everyone studies differently and other people's study tips probably won't help you. The best way to improve your study habits is to figure out what works for you- do you work better in the morning, or at night? Do you work better at home, or in the library? I also think it's important to schedule breaks during studying; trying to study for hours at a time will just make your brain shut off. Again though, the frequency and duration of these breaks is completely a personal preference. I wish there was an easier solution, but study habits vary a ton between people and you really need to figure it out on your own. I had a 4.0 GPA and my partner has a 3.9 something, but our study habits are very different and if we tried to use each other's methods, it would be a disaster.
  13. There really isn't any advice anyone can give you about specific ECs to do- the best advice is really just to do things you're passionate about! Even if it's something like being part of a knitting club, all med schools really care about is what you learned from the experience. Health care-related ECs don't hurt, but they aren't necessary. Overall, schools like to see you doing things that fit the CANMED roles- which are leadership, professional, communicator, collaborator, health advocate, and scholar. Aside from health advocate, there are many many non-med related ECs that can fill the other roles. Research also never hurts- research can be important in medicine and a lot of schools like to see some research experience (although again, it is still possible to get in without any). Even volunteering in a lab is fine- no need to be a first author on a paper or anything like that. TLDR; It's best to just do what you're passionate about, and length of time is also good (one experience you've done for 5 years is better than 5 experiences you've done for a few months)
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