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  1. I interpret this as meaning that yes, SAI applicants are assessed in a separate stream for the two available seats (but still have to meet the same requirements as everyone else), and then if the two spots get filled and there are extra candidates that meet all the cut offs, these extra candidates will be sent to the normal stream and assessed with the rest of the applicant pool. Someone can correct me if they have more knowledge than this!
  2. I had a similar problem when I applied out of third year! I emailed OMSAS and basically they only let you put the end date to 2021 because you're applying with the assumption that you're going to get into med school, but I would definitely still put that it's a four year honours program. This shouldn't be a problem at all, and is exactly what I did, and I also changed and graduated with a 3 year BSc once I got in
  3. This is exactly what I did for my school- it did take them a while to respond so I'd email them sooner rather than later
  4. I don't think it would make much difference! I'm sure a quick google search/search on the AAMC website could tell you if any of the content topics changed, but I doubt there were any major changes (if any)
  5. Hi! I can't speak to US schools, but unfortunately your undergrad GPA will really hold you back for Canadian schools. Most, if not all, schools in Canada look at undergrad GPA only and don't count grad school grades at all. If you want to be competitive in Canada, you will likely have to do a second undergrad (some accelerated programs allow you to do this in 2-3 years which would make you eligible for some schools such as Queen's that only look at 2 year GPA)
  6. I would not double list for OMSAS! The school will read your ABS in its entirety so there's no point in listing it twice- they would just read it twice and wonder why you did that. As far as I know, the categories are just for classification purposes and don't mean anything beyond that
  7. I agree with bearded frog- and also to add, people may have different opinions but at least to me, playing countless hours of a game where you shoot people (even if it's just a game) then entering a field where you need to save lives, be caring and empathetic, and even de-escalate violence isn't a great look
  8. You can absolutely include research on an OMSAS application that isn't published. All you do is put it in the research section and list the type of publication as "ongoing study" or something like that. This is super common and completely acceptable by schools! I know multiple people (myself included) who volunteered in labs during undergrad (no publications involved whatsoever) and listed it under the research section. Your example is even more qualified than that
  9. True, just wanted to clarify that a completed masters does make them a graduate applicant and not an undergraduate (which is what I interpreted as their question)
  10. As long as you're taking 5 courses a semester, you're a full time student. The classes don't need to be required for your program- you could take electives to fill up the extra space. The important thing is just that you don't graduate and are still considered enrolled in your current degree
  11. My guess is that if they do in-person, you'd have to socially distance and wear a mask in which case bubbles are irrelevant
  12. From their website: "A graduate applicant is defined as a candidate who is in pursuit or has completed their Master’s or PhD degree(s)" so yes, you definitely are a graduate applicant
  13. One of my referees was a sports coach and her email was a random gmail. Was not a problem for me
  14. True, I thought they were saying 6 courses a semester! Not total aha. I was also mainly referring to Queen's itself considering 5 a semester full-time (as in, if you go to Queen's for undergrad 5 courses a semester is full time) but their med requirements are clearly different. I just knew that they definitely don't consider 6 courses a semester full time (which is what I thought OP meant)
  15. Unfortunately if you're not on the list it probably means that it was full before you signed up, but I'd email them if you want to double check!
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