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  1. Thank you for your response! Do you by chance remember if you felt like you had enough time to write the CAP? I feel like 2 hours should be plenty of time to write my answers but I’m not sure how many questions they will ask. I definitely felt a bit rushed writing CASPER but they only gave 5 min for 3 questions, and for the CAP it looks like you could start one question and go back to it later if you have time. Also, are you happy with the UofT program so far? I know it must be hard with the pandemic right now. Thanks so much
  2. How is everyone preparing for CAP exam? Can any current students give any advice? Thanks!
  3. Applied + (PT or OT?): PT at UofT, Queens, Western, DalAccepted: Waitlisted: UofT, WesternRejected: Queens, Dal GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa, 3.67 and 4.1 (4.3 scale)Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: essays - okay, I'm lacking volunteer experience compared to other people (~40 hours at PT clinic, 60 hours other volunteering) interviews - no interviews for dal because of covid-19, cap test is april 25 references - I have two strong academic references from professors during my undergrad and one reference from my volunteer coordinator can't wait to find out if I get in!! and hopefully school resumes in the fall, stay safe everyone
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