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  1. Hey everyone! Lately I've been really conflicted because I've been going and looking for cool opportunities that interest me and I've gotten some of them, and I just go on with my life. And I don't really tell my friends what I do. But I feel like that makes me a jerk? I want to tell them some cool experiences I have but I feel like I can't because they'll be mad at why i didnt tell them. And idk I feel like a complete jerk for not telling them what I do because they're really sweet and I love them.
  2. I recently ended up with a B+ in a chemistry course which was unexpected because I went into the exam with a really high grade but I guess it is what it is. I was just wondering if a B+ is really that low for medical school apps?
  3. Thank you so much! I'm not sure if my gpa will be 3.9 or 3.89 but it's around that mark and it's really refreshing to hear that the stellar 3.95 gpa isnt always necessary. Especially when theres just certain courses that hold you back!
  4. @redbeanbun @premed72 thank you! I thought i had a decent gpa to kick off undergrad but then couple of my classmates told me that we need 3.95 to be genuinely competitive so i got freaked out and I'm trying to focus on ECs too but it feels like a shot in the dark tbh
  5. Hi everyone! I just had a quick question for undergrad. I know that GPA is really important when applying to med schook and so I was wondering if a gpa of 3.9 for first year is slightly too low? I know that a lot of people have 3.95+ but does that mean my chances are low because I'm expecting to end off the year with a 3.9? I know med schools factor other things in too but do you think I can pull up my GPA in the upcoming years?
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