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  1. personne ne peut te donner ta CRU. Tu dois appliquer pour qu'elle soit calculee.
  2. the UBC english requirement accepts CEGEP english but you need more of them at the cegep level than at the uni level to get the required credit amount the various requirements at UOttawa can be partially fulfilled through CEGEP, though they require scoring above 70% for them to count (and p sure the biochemistry requirement cannot be fulfilled through cegep) ofc, all the Quebec schools accept cegep for prereq without discrimination, and you only need to pass them. It does not count in your overall academic performance once you apply as a university graduate as you will be applying finally, i think the rest of the schools that are frequent options for Quebec residents in Ontario/RoC don't require any prereqs. For USA, idk exactly, but I can tell you CEGEP grades do not count in your AMCAS (us med school common app) GPA. I remember anecdotally reading US prefers prereq grades from college and not "community college", which is what CEGEP is often considered equivalent to over there even tho it is not the same. But you should check on SDN forums, or individual schools in USA you are interested in
  3. CARMS worries down the line maybe? No other reason to yikes at it from my perspective
  4. No, the logic behind that specific change is to harmonize med-p admissions and mdcm admissions. The former is already 100% interview. This decision also applies to all cycles starting next cycle, not a temporary change for covid. The only change that is directed at the pass-fail situation is the fact that winter2020 grades do not count for cGPA calculation. they are 2 distinct changes, with 2 distinct purposes.
  5. every school has their own specific policy so you need to narrow down your list of what schools you are interested in, and then verify this for each of them. generally, no this won't "erase" or "replace" your previous grades. Many schools will also not count classes that aren't taken in the context of full-time studies.
  6. I think the mcgill med ambassadors thread answered this! beyond that there are youtubers from mcgill med who make videos about their experience (albeit likely polished and curated af)
  7. Update: UdeM confirme qu'il ne faut pas passer 2 fois le cours. UdeS egalement. ULaval aussi, mais ils conseillent de contacter le BCI pour connaitre l'impact precis sur la CRC. Je doute fortement que leur politique soit differente de celle des autres unis quebecoises mais j'enverrais un email et updaterai.
  8. ouais... jespere vraiment pas quil faut que je le passe une deuxieme fois, cest vraiment stupide si oui. Et la situation est tellement unique que jai besoin dune confirmation du bureau de chaque uni lol. A date ils m'ont tous assuré que ca compte pas mais faut tout verifier. Je doute pouvoir recevoir un incomplet permanent, la API ne me semblait pas flexible quand je lui ai demande de withdraw, et j'ai pas de raison valable outre que... mcgill ne regarde plus les notes prealables lol. Est ce que les emails admissions-md et isabelle tremblay sont les meilleures personnes contact pour ce genre de question? Jai contacte les deux et toujours pas de reponse.
  9. Ok cool merci! Et ca change tu quelque chose, d'apres toi, si le cours est un prealable pr medecine du CEGEP que je suis en train de refaire? Je l'ai deja passe 1 fois au CEGEP, maintenant si je le coule la 2e fois, ca affecterai quelque chose?
  10. Si je fais un cours au CEGEP (je refais un cours que j'ai deja passe, mais j'ai su apres la date limite pr l'abandonner que je n'ai pus besoin de le refaire), la performance ou passge dans ce cours va-t-elle compter dans l'evaluation de mon dossier academique? J'ai un DEC, ainsi qu'un bacc de 90 credits complete. Je sais qu'apres 50 credits universitaires, le dossier collegial ne compte plus, mais est-ce que ca s'applique au cours du collegial fais comme "etudiant libre", apres le bac? J'ai envoye un email a admissions-md mais ils ne m'ont pas repondu. Est ce quil y a une autre adresse email qui reponds aux questions?
  11. Wait you are still in Cegep? and youre asking for BSc admissions? You should ask something like the rredditt r mcgill Admissions megathread, they're more knowledgeable about that. Or email McGill's Service Point.
  12. Chasing prestige is corny as fuck and evidence of lack of life experience and maturity change my mind
  13. afaik McGill truncates, aka 3.937=3.93
  14. personellement ca me sauve des milliers de dollars et me donne une shot aussi solide que tout le monde aux entrevues si j'y arrive (vs une shot mediocre) des cet automne, plutot quand dans 3-4 cycles. Alors merci ahah
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