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  1. Don't worry, just think that other applicants feel the same. Be your self and show who you are in the essay
  2. For us, I believe it was the first year they required personal statement. It was very vague and you could prob write about anything, basically a question about why you want to be a dentist. That being said, if you had a lot of shadowing experience, that can def help you write your personal statement. I found writing essay a good tool to reflect on your self, however I didn't talk about anything I wrote during interview
  3. Thank you! I watched that video as well. I kind of want to wait for the new ipad air to come out but not sure when :/
  4. First, practice tests are usually way harder than the real DAT. Don't worry if you are having trouble now with the practice tests, just do a couple everyday for a few months to build up skills for 1) timing 2)judgement. 1) timing is very important in that you MOVE ON when you feel stuck, because the time is so constraint, if you feel you are not confident or having trouble picking one out of two answers, just pick one and come back later. If keyhole is your weakest, leave it for the last 2) "I'm having trouble figuring out if the options are too long/short". What I found helpful is to find a reference line, and try to compare the relative position/length of the line to that reference line. For example, if you have a letter "F" and you can't figure out if the second horizontal line of F is too short or too long, try to pick the first horizontal line of F as a reference point, or even the vertical line to see if the second line is positioned correctly.. 3) usually with those practice tests, you would have a 3D structure they made to help you visualize the object. Not sure if yours have that but you can rotate around and play with the 3D structure to help you visualize and understand. 4)keyhole like all PAT sections takes much patience when it comes to practice. It is truly a skill you have to develop overtime. You are starting now meaning it is very early. As long as you do some every day you should be fine! Good luck!
  5. Selling unused new MDT soaps, no shipping, Montreal only. Message for more details. Thanks!
  6. I did and I didn't get in UT med after interview so can't say for sure, but I don't think they negatively impact each other. They use different systems, and I personally know people who got into both
  7. I am not from U of A so I can't speak for sure, hopefully others can help you out; however I was in the same boat as you were a year ago, I used one of my cell metabolism and mechanism course to fulfill this requirement.
  8. The only dent related extracurriculars I had was 2 hours of shadowing. Most of my experience I had for dentistry was being a patient myself haha. I actually don't think they are valued that much or at all, it is more important you have a great personality that's suited for dentistry
  9. Result: Rejected Timestamp: 9:00 wGPA/cGPA: 3.97 for weighted MCAT: 512 ECs: Had a very unique EC but didn't get interview anywhere else so I guess not that great Essays: gave multiple people to look at and edit it Interview: 1 station was really bad because I ran into technical issue 1 was good, 2 were really soso In-person or Virtual: Virtual Year: BSc. Gap year Geography: OOP This is my second time interviewing at UT and I think this would be my last year trying. Congrats on everyone who got in!! You guys will be amazing doctors!!
  10. No reset button, interviewed at UT. Anyone else got offer from UT?
  11. result: accepted GPA: 3.99 DAT: 19/22/20 (RC/AA/PAT) UG: 4th year UG+ 1 gap year ABS: research+publication, volunteering, and club president, very few hours of shadowing interview: Very well I will decline for McGill
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