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  1. Any UAlberta PT students in the Edmonton cohort here? I’d love to get in touch with other students
  2. I got into UofA too and I’m a bit concerned as well. But, I don’t think I want to pass up this opportunity. Who knows what it’ll be like next year. If they’d let students defer, that would be nice. Are they willing to do that though....
  3. I haven’t heard yet. but yeah, I saw that too... I had Edmonton as my preferred campus.
  4. Hello! I’m just wondering if anyone has any further insight into when in May the first round of acceptances will be sent out? Thank you
  5. Anyone have a better idea when UofA plans to send acceptances for PT? Thanks!
  6. I haven’t.. I want to, but I’m trying to be patient too I really thought we would’ve heard by now!
  7. You should look at the reply below! There’s hope yet, haha! :-) but you’re definitely right, there is always next year! So now we wait until the emails come, then we can look into that issue! This entire pandemic puts everyone into a complicated situation, so I think everyone is in the same boat. We’ll get there :-)
  8. amazing! Thank you for your insight, really needed to see that. I appreciate your positivity! If you’re in this process as well... good luck to you too! Thanks again :-)
  9. yeah, the wait alone has been challenging, then to hear offers were already sent out... I hope they send something soon, just so we know! I’m sure they have their reasons, but I do think it would’ve been better to email everyone all at once.
  10. ahh. At least it’s not just me...? If offers have been sent out, do you know if we are waiting for them to be accepted/declined before being waitlisted or rejected?
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