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  1. Hey - mine also still says pending even though I have firmly accepted, submitted final transcripts and paid the deposit so I'm not sure why the status hasn't changed!
  2. Can someone help!! No email reply yet from admissions and my offer expires tonight at midnight I just have no idea what to do about this 500$ deposit fee
  3. Can someone who has accepted Mac OT explain to me how I pay the 500$ deposit... I know it's on mosaic student portal... should I click the "make a payment" option or is there something for specific for the deposit? Also, my offer still says pending... will the deposit option only become available when the offer turns to conditional? Any help is very much appreciated either in response to this or shoot me a private msg. Thanks!!!
  4. **UPDATE** I got off the waitlist for Queens PT and Mac OT. Ultimately decided to accept Mac OT which I am super excited about. Side note - I accepted Dal OT incase nothing from Ontario worked out and the deposit was only 200$ so not the end of the world. I will be emailing them telling them that I will not be in attendance this fall so that should open up some room on the waitlist!
  5. Does anyone know how much the Mac OT waitlist moves? I’m accepted to Dal but Mac is my first choice and I’m #13
  6. Funny I actually think the opposite - PBL and small groups has the best chance of being in person the soonest and could be easier to connect virtually with small groups as oppose to a one way lecture prompting no discussion! Mac is also my top choice though so maybe I’m just biased haha
  7. It told me my spot at the end of the first paragraph in the PDF document attached to the email.
  8. Accepted to Dal OT (NS applicant), Mac PT Waitlisted to Mac OT (#13), Queens PT, and both Western PT and OT sGPA - 3.83 cGPA - 3.78 (from ORPAS) Going to have to make some tough decisions between OT/PT... I’m leaning towards Mac OT granted I move off the waitlist... does anyone know how much movement Mac sees? I feel like #13 is pretty high up there... what do you guys think?
  9. Congrats!! OT or PT Oh sorry should’ve clarified. It’s for Dal OT. I received my unofficial acceptance May 4th but just got the email today for the faculty of graduate studies with the firm acceptance and more info etc. (In province applicant)
  10. I just got my official acceptance letter from Dal today (I know some people in the forum were curious)
  11. 2 questions for the group! - does anyone know when we have to make a deposit to hold our spot at Dal? I’m assuming that will happen after we get the official acceptance letter? - do the Ontario schools give priority to residents of Ontario the same way Dal prioritizes NS/Atlantic students?
  12. I’m assuming it’s unlikely that the FGS (faculty of graduate studies) would deny acceptance unless a prerequisite is missing or smth right (for dal OT)?
  13. Got into Dal OT also woohooo! Congrats to everyone who also heard good news today!
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