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  1. Has anyone heard of any waitlist movement lately? Do we anecdotally know when is the latest people tend to receive offers off the OOP waitlist?
  2. Also, it might be worth posting something similar in the Mac thread and just get other takes about how people have found the three year program, self-directed learning, opportunities etc to get a wider range of perspectives!
  3. Just a few counter-points to consider here! As an applicant who is also from Ontario, Mac would be an easy decision for me personally. Don't underestimate the value of having a strong support system nearby!!! Even if you feel Dal may be a better "fit" on the whole, the value from the support you'd get by having family and friends nearby is worth thinking about carefully. I also think that you should think about where your interests in medicine lie. Yes, it is possible to match to more competitive specialties from Dal, but this is largely a primary care focused school, with a majority matching to family med or other primary specialties. If that is not what you're definitely interested in, it's worth thinking about that too. Mac is ultimately a better ranked medical school, and it's definitely hard to know exactly how that may shape the opportunities you may have, but worth noting and considering imo. Congratulations on being accepted, and best of luck with your decision!!!
  4. I interviewed at UCLA this past cycle but was rejected post-interview. I think they have a pretty high yield in terms of accepted people actually going. It's a beautiful school tbh I would have loved to have gone.
  5. Congrats @inthemix719!! Very exciting. Has anyone heard of resultant waitlist movement for the OOP waitlist?
  6. Congratulations!!! And thank you so much for the update! Best of luck!
  7. I was low waitlisted. I'm devastated. Seems like im the only (?) swomen app who is in that position. Truly devastated.
  8. not the forum for stats sorry! just trying to get a sense of how much movement to expect
  9. Anyone accepted OOP who will or will likely be declining for other Canadian schools? Or OOP waitlist? Dal is my only option now so hoping for waitlist movement
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