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  1. received an offer from Dal just now, and I am going to accept 100%!!!!
  2. Dal Avg GPA 3.86 MCAT 508 ESSAY 22.4/35 MMI 27.6/40 Question for your score last year, did you remember if you have any section that's below the published average?
  3. Thank you for this post. Much needed during this time, and it's been driving me crazy. I have a total score of 71.9.. but didn't score well on Interview section... so not sure how is that going to play out in the Z score calculation.
  4. I know!!! I've read this Poll so many times since April 14!!!! Folks, hang in there!
  5. Asking caused in another poll “IP wait list Poll” there is someone had a score of 72... not sure if in the NS IP or other maritime IP list ... i am 71.9 ... but if they calculated based on Z score, it would be hard to know ... if there is still a chance... the waiting is killing me
  6. Question for the poll, the ppl who vote 71, are they 71+? Or in the range of 71-71.9?
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