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  1. I had confirmation from Diane, but never heard anything about a uozone account, do we know how to access this?
  2. I tried signing up in Clinton (GTA) for the BLS Provider Renewal course, and they said courses are suspended until August. Hopefully Chantal will provide us some information soon!
  3. Hey guys! Been lurking most of the time here, but wanted to share my stats because I GOT ACCEPTED OFF THE GOOD WAITLIST! I'm currently dancing around my living room! Stats: Timestamp - 7:37:38, gpa 3.97 (further confirming timestamp theory ), got my email around 12:30 today. I'm wishing the best of luck to all of you on the waitlist!
  4. Also wondering what bleh12345 said: so if we get accepted off the waitlist of one school early (school A) and accept it, and I'm still waiting on another school's (school B ) waitlist, will I be taken off school B's waitlist if I accept school A?
  5. I wasn't sure if there was a thread for comparing medical schools. I'm wondering if some current medical students or others trying to decide or anticipating a decision have any input on the pros/cons of Dalhousie vs. Ottawa vs. Queens. I know there are definitely personal preferences based on location, lifestyle, etc. If anyone would like to comment on these factors as well as program, curriculum, facilities, student satisfaction, opportunities available, etc. it would be awesome to hear some different opinions. I know that everyone has some bias towards certain schools/locations but would love to hear some ideas and I'm sure others would as well! (also wasn't sure how to post this outside of just the Queens forum so leaving it here)
  6. Does Ottawa use the gpa listed on OMSAS or the one on their website (the weighted gpa of final three years)? I've read mixed answers. I screen-shotted this from their website:
  7. @MDrapper I got my notification at 9:32am. From what's been posted thus far, acceptances came at 9:31am and waitlist emails began at 9:32 to 9:34. However it seems based on older posts from previous years that timestamp may not be a factor. Glad to have other people to talk to while we wait it out together!
  8. I agree as well, can we make the poll go through all the 70s up to an 83+ category?
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