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  1. Hey, do you mind sharing your gpa? Just wondering where I might fall in - I’m likely going to decline even if I get a spot off the waitlist. Thinking Id rather stay in OT.
  2. But also the seats that aren’t allocated to a specific province!
  3. Hey, I can’t answer your question, but I think you might be better off doing a 1year masters. I feel like it wouldn’t be a good idea to take a place away from someone in a nursing program if you have no intent of being a nurse (I think it’s similar to how people feel about people going into OT/PT programs because they want to do something before med school). I’m not sure if you would be looking to increase your GPA or just improve experiences and references. I think either way, it would difficult to improve any of those aspects in a nursing program because it is challenging. Edit: I should add though, that maybe you will start nursing and realize that’s what you’re passionate about and choose to stay in that.
  4. Hey guys! I live about 30 minutes away from Dal so I’m not planning on moving out of home until January. And I’m only moving out then because it’s like 1.5 hours on a bus. But be super careful when you are looking for apartments because Ive heard a lot of student housing has bad bug problems and rats. Renting houses tends to be better but then you also have a lot of roommates. Just wanted to make you guys aware cause some places look super nice but it’s actually really bad.
  5. I haven’t tried yet. I can later and let you know if it works.
  6. I’m going to wait to do class registration until we hear from them again. Did they answer your email? I got an auto-reply and I want to make sure they see it before June 4th
  7. Oh okay! I didn’t realize we could do the block registration yet! Also (meant to add this) did they answer your email about accepting?? I got the auto-reply.
  8. Anyone accepted to Dal OT...who did you email to accept your offer of admission (OTadmissions@dal.ca)? Also, has anyone done anything additional to paying your deposit and emailing to accept the offer? Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything!
  9. I got an email. I think that they may be waiting to see how many people decline from the first round of acceptances (ends June 4th) before releasing the waitlist so that they don’t make it too short
  10. They said for both OT and PT info sessions that they can’t tell you where on the list because of the provincial allocations. Even if you are #1 on the list, you may not get the 1st offer if the person who declines isn’t from your province.
  11. Wondering if current Dal OT and PT students could send me a message? I have a couple of questions about the programs
  12. The waitlist is different from other schools in that if a PEI student declines, the next PEI student is offered that spot (so they don’t have to be the top spot on the list, just the top from that province. There are also the seats not allocated to a province where they go down the list top to bottom and province doesn’t matter. So say the top 3 applicants on the WL are from PEI, then if 3 of the unallocated seats decline, there would be 5 PEI students in the program.
  13. Yeah, I heard that the seat allocations are why they don’t release people’s places on the wait list (basically because their place would depend on if ppl from their province or not were the the ones who decline).
  14. You guys should also add your province because they maintain the seat allocations as they go to the WL
  15. Oh yes! I’m just finishing my undergrad this year - has everyone that already heard from FGS graduated before this year??
  16. I also got an unofficial on May 4th but nothing today. I’m an NS applicant. Wondering if they are sending it out by last name as I’m at the very bottom of the alphabet. I can’t think of any reason FGS wouldn’t approve my acceptance...
  17. I don't think I have heard of someone being denied by FGS. I think the program is too competitive. Im sure OT admissions wouldn't offer if they thought FGS would deny.
  18. @OT1996 @rrxxccooll I'm a NS resident and applied with a 3.84 GPA on 4.3 scale. @OccupationalTherpay2020 Congrats to you too!!!
  19. I would say by May 9th but I really think they probably have so many decisions to make with respect to what the program will look like in the Fall (ie., online, in person, half and half, etc) that they probably want to know that info so they can inform people when they send out offers as some people may decline on that basis. Additionally, people coming from OOP may need to do a 2-week quarantine when they get to NS which is another consideration. For that reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still longer and we heard closer to end of May when ORPAS comes out. Hopefully sooner though!
  20. I think it will be only 66 because it gets tricky with the seats reserved for each Atlantic province
  21. It’s hard because I understand that the programs have to worry about current students and figure out how it’s going to work in the fall if we still can’t be in class, but I super wish they would give us a firm date. Even if they said it won’t be until May 14th or something. It’s so hard just sitting in my house obsessing over this because there’s no school or work to do
  22. Now it’s just an automatic response saying to check the FAQs...I’m really confused and it seems super weird that they say we’d know by the end of April but yet nobody has received anything still. So frustrating!! I’m too impatient!!
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