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  1. I just declined my offer to Queen’s OT so there should be some movement for those of you on the waitlist. I’ll be attending Dal for OT and I was wondering if anyone has heard any info from them since being accepted?
  2. @OTHopes97 I'm in the same boat as you! They didn't get back to me either- just the auto-reply as well. If you do click block registration, does it let you continue you or give you an 'error' message too?
  3. @PTOTHOPEFUL @OTHopes97 Hey guys! I emailed OTadmissions to accept my offer of admission and send my transcript. I also paid my deposit but that is as far as I've gone. I didn't know we were able to sign up for classes yet. I get an 'error' message when I try to register for block registration.
  4. Congrats @OTHopes97. I received my acceptance to Dal OT today as well. For reference, I am a NB resident and had a 3.94 GPA on a 4.3 scale.
  5. I applied to Dal as well for OT and am waiting anxiously too haha I’m a maritime student with a psychology degree. Do you guys mind sharing your backgrounds?
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