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  1. thank you for such a detailed response. Yeah RBC initially offered 15k points but I had the advisor look into what she can do and she said something about moving or qualifying for healthcare worker/field which grants you an extra 30k points. I am an RBC existent client and didn't want to see myself change, but Scotia is really putting effort in their recruitment. I mention the above RBC point for those of you who will be signing up with RBC for whatever reason. Best of luck to all. And as always, health and wellness to all,
  2. Are you a current RBC or scotia client? two different RBC agents offered me up to 45 000 points while scotia offers a 50 000 point over two cards. what do you mean by more inclusive? i ask because as a current RBC client i really see no advantage to remain with them vs moving to Scotia
  3. So if Diploma is conferred in 2 weeks from now you reckon to wait until then to submit your transcript?
  4. how long ago did you submit it if you dont mind me asking? what does the status on OMSAS say? pending? I wish you health and kind regards,
  5. did anyone submit there transcript already and got enrolled via uozone? that is to say do you see your upcomming tuition fees or something of the sort Thank you
  6. did anyone submit there transcript already and got enrolled via uozone? that is to say do you see your upcomming tuition fees or something of the sort Thank you
  7. do you mind if i ask what kind of sign up points they offered? i was told a total of 50k reward points over both the visa and amex gold, however i think i saw higher benchmarks within the forum
  8. with a relatively low interest rate due to the pandemic, does it it become wise to invest some of your line of credit? any opinions out there?
  9. no but i honestly think that if you tell them hey rbc offers pretty comparable deals the only difference is as a new customer i would get a sing up bonus from the promo, they might be able to offer their own sign up bonus even though you are already with them. I have always been an RBC client but i am considering signing up with scotia. I will wait as per this forums recommendation however i was wondering how useful amex gold card was for some upper year students. I am from quebec, but on the border of ontario and will be attending Uottawa Med. Thank you,
  10. Je suis par contre resident quebecois et jai fais tous mes etudse au quebec. Jhabite a la forntiere de lontario et quebec alors pour moi cetait plus facile U ottawa. est-ce que cela me desavantage quand meme? nic toi cest comment?
  11. Merci pour les mots d'encouragement, J'aimerais en savoir plus aussi, surtout si la sélection a date n'a été faite que sur le dossier académique?? Selon vous qui serez la meilleur ressource a contacter dans une telle situation. La faculté ne risque de jamais répondre et le centre d'admission me semble pas comme la meilleur des source. Merci a tous et je vous souhaite le meilleur.
  12. Salut, vous avez des idées? Science biomedical a U. Ottawa.: Je termine mon Bac en mai. GPA: 9.73/10 ou quelque chose proche de 3.97/4. Mon caserp etait assez bon pour une convocation a Mcgill et uottawa med. Et Jai eu mon refus hier...... Est ce que jai pu commettre une erreur lors de mon application? ou peut-on voir la CRU? Merci
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