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  1. There are several students that just completed their first year of masters that got accepted. You think this is just about the pharmacy students? (And don't make us repeat the rule man... it said both undergraduate and graduate studies. Come on...) Again, you generalized. You don't have all the facts, you don't know everyone's intentions, and your own username unfortunately describes your sole purpose on this site. If you really want to reply to this with the same beliefs, tell me that i don't have a right to email admissions and ask them why each situation is being looked at differently. Go ahead.
  2. Trying to understand why some weren't allowed to pursue graduate school to remain eligible and others were is not being jealous/toxic. Trying to understand why some were not allowed to apply and others were is not being jealous/toxic. It's questioning the system's fairness. It's very easy to generalize and call an entire group "toxic" based one 1-2 people's actions. And to being careful on what you should post on social media? AMEN
  3. Sir, "Fairly recently" = 2018, aka applicable to this cycle, seeing as you need a definition for this phrase that has upset you. I suggest you take your own advice
  4. Again, do not use extreme cases to justify your argument. One student arguing for accepted applicants to get blacklisted does not mean the other 95% do, nor does it justify your rude remarks. Most of us in this thread wish them the best and are hoping for Dal to openly lift this requirement! We are challenging the system, not the people To anyone who actually took the blacklisting comment seriously, this would never happen! Please be happy with your acceptances and celebrate as you 100% have the right to do so.
  5. Why would you be embarrassed to send an email asking why the rules apply to some and not others? It is within everyone's right to know. Also, Only one person on this thread has brought up the idea of blacklisting. An idea that I, and 95% of others in this thread do not agree with. Please do not use an extreme situation to justify your point.
  6. Unfortunately even admission committees make mistakes. They have replied to a few emails and are currently looking into the issue, so we will see results soon. This is very unfortunate to the pharmacy students that got acceptance letters, yes, and even more unfortunate that they were not corrected of their mistakes early on before interviews were given out. Regardless, none of us are hoping for their acceptances to be rescinded. It would only be fair at this point for the committee to add additional seats for every person they incorrectly allowed to be part of the admission process, or even offer deffer their acceptances to the following year.
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