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  1. Hi! I got an email from Western on Friday morning saying that I was in the upper third of the waitlist. I would email gradapps@uwo.ca to find out!
  2. Just to confirm- has anyone in other provinces other than Atlantic provinces heard back from Dal OT? I haven't heard anything yet.
  3. Thank you! I looked at mosaic and an offer was there around 2pm- and then I got an email around 4pm!
  4. When I emailed them, they said "offers" will be released until mid May- so I'm not sure wording makes a difference!
  5. Hey guys! Do we think acceptances are being sent out in waves? A few people mentioned getting acceptances earlier this week and even last. I haven't received anything yet and am getting worried.
  6. I haven't yet! A friend who got in last year said she heard back mid-late April... so any day now I guess?!
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