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  1. I would just pay the deposit for US and if I get into a Canadian school, I am willing to take the loss of deposit as long as I get into a Canadian school. I have already submitted all my applications so its not really much to juggle right now. Also, I do believe schools like UBC now have interviews in October
  2. I am, its been pretty convenient for me so apply for both Canadian and American schools
  3. Isn’t it difficult to specialize after going to Australian dental school? And hard to work in Canada if you choose to specialize in Australia?
  4. Yes I should be fine with that, no point of paying extra by taking a loan. US would be equivalent to Canada in terms getting a job in Canada after graduation, correct?
  5. I mean if I can afford the entire tuition and not take a student loan, it wouldn’t cost me any interest right?
  6. If I don't take a loan I can avoid the interest payments right?
  7. UBC is almost 1/3 of the cost of most US dental schools
  8. I believe so, by then my gpa would be above the entering average so I don’t think it’s necessary to do more bachelors courses. Is it only worth staying in Canada because it’s way cheaper?
  9. Isn't it just when you hand in your application
  10. My gpa would be high 80’s if I apply next year (since they drop the lowest year after your fourth year). Should I take a gap year and apply then? I haven’t graduated yet
  11. Money is not really a problem, as long as I can get in somewhere Should I take the Canadian dat as well then?
  12. Would the gpa be converted higher in the AADSAS system. Is 3.57gpa competitive enough for US dentals schools?
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