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  1. Congratulations!!!!! This gives me hope and I am so happy for you!!!
  2. I want to thank everyone that commented here or PMed me for being so kind and supportive. This really means a lot to me. I will work hard on my MCAT CARS, and carefully word my NAQ entries but will not go back to undergrad. Thank you!!
  3. Thank you for your kind words. Honestly I have been so upset for the whole week. I got 512 last year (but 124 in CARS), so I am planning to rewrite this summer to hopefully improve my CARS.
  4. Hi everyone, I have been getting different opinions from different people. Before I make a final decision, I wanna hear what you think. I am an IP applicant. I have completed my undergrad in 2016, then grad school in 2018. My undergrad grades suck. My AGPA converts to about 86.4% at UBC (3.72/4 at McGill). I did experience some family issues that affected my grades (which I will not get into the details) so I might write a letter. I have about 2000h of volunteering, publications, good references and some unique experiences in my opinion. (this year is going to be my first application) I know my grades are holding me back however I am not sure if going back to undergrad is the best option for me. My friend (who is a medical student) recently told me that it is almost impossible for me to get interviews/accepted with my current GPA. This really made me rethink if I am competitive at all. However looking at the published stats on the UBC website, I believe that I am not that far below the entering average of 88.62? Dear friends, I would really appreciate if someone could provide me some insight, as I really wanna avoid going back to undergrad unless I absolutely have to. Thank you all in advance.
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