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  1. I understand that you’re mad though, I’ve been feeling the same way and it’s just miserable
  2. I know it’s hard but honestly just try and keep busy and keep your mind off of it. Otherwise it’ll just worsen the anxiety I’m sure we are all already feeling. We don’t have all of the information yet, and there’s nothing we can really do but wait and see what Merissa responds.
  3. You know for a fact that these other two students were in province applicants? Sorry I just want to get the information straight
  4. How do you know there can’t be more than 12 people? I know in previous years that’s how it’s been but this year everything’s pretty different
  5. Maybe there’s more than 5 people on the top third this year? I don’t know anymore..
  6. I still get sad/frustrated when I think about how the interviews were cancelled. We pay a fee and go through the application process knowing that we have the chance to get an interview. I’m sure we all prepped for months for the MMI once we were offered one. The interview is such a crucial part of the application process. And then they tell us it will be rescheduled, but the next email they send says it’s cancelled. I understand COVID-19 hasn’t made things easy but why were medicine and pharmacy able to adapt so quickly? And when they informed us that they were cancelled they didn’t really explain why they weren’t able to do virtual interviews, they just said “interviews cancelled here are the results” out of the blue.
  7. I felt the same way. It just goes to show that this admission cycle is extremely unusual due to the pandemic. We just have to wait and see what happens and try not to think about it too much.
  8. I haven’t heard anything either. I would have thought someone from the top third would have gotten an offer by now
  9. In previous years has admissions disclosed information about waitlist movement?
  10. I’m wondering that as well!
  11. I used a mixture of Bootcamp, Ferralis notes and the Kaplan book and I found that it prepared me really well for the bio section
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