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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  2. Wishing you all the best!! I hope you get in! Im curious, do they tell you a rank in the wait list or is it a mystery?
  3. Sadly I got the rejection letter! But it was my first time applying and I am still proud of making it this far so I am hopeful for next year! How did you do?!
  4. Not yet! I'm still going to wait for the email. I didn't think I had this much self control lol.
  5. 15 more minutes!! (hopefully). I got my interview email right at 8am so I hope these emails are the same
  6. has anyone had the guts to check OMSAS yet?
  7. Not yet, the notification for this forum just came in my email and I almost had a heart attack lol.
  8. It was definitely a weird experience, especially because this was my first time applying so I had nothing to compare it to! I hope this works out for us!! this wait is torture
  9. Yeah we did! they used an special company that we had to go through. We had two minutes to read the prompt like a normal MMI and then a had the 8 minutes to answer, only difference was there was no interviewer so you were just talking to yourself, and if you were done before the 8 min you could submit and move on to the next station.
  10. I feel this, I told a lot of my colleagues, friends, and family!! A person I know in my city applied to the same school as me this year, and all of her family posted on fb about how proud they were of her for getting an interview (which is amazing the support she has), and I remember thinking "omg now they will have to tell so many people about a rejection if that happens"- but honestly who cares!! Its AMAZING to make it this far in the application cycle and we should all be proud about that! Even if we get a rejection we will just try again. If it's bad news then take it for what it is and see it as an opportunity to grow for your next application. The people who truly support you will not judge you for being rejected and will support you during the hard times.
  11. Im going for 7am, wake up and have coffee/breakfast and wait for the email to roll in. I figured if I wait too long and wakeup and read the email I will be too out of it to process the result
  12. I wouldn’t say I had technical issues during mine but my internet was being slow and I could tell as I was speaking that the video was lagging, I just hope it actually saved normally and not delayed
  13. I also like the idea of waiting for the email because if it is an acceptance I feel like it wouldn’t be the same seeing it on OMSAS vs actually reading the letter!
  14. I’m rural northern Ontario born and raised, my interview was also online! Not sure how I feel about it, this is also my first time applying.
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