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  1. Anyone else disappointed UBC Med decided to make everything online while other departments have at least attempted to keep labs in person? The dentistry program will still hold labs in person. UBC Engineering still has some labs in person. As maybePT mentioned, the MPT program is going have labs and clinical skills in person. I wish they offered a more detailed explanation during the townhall meeting.
  2. Yea I guess so. It also shows I have an enrollment letter for the program for summer 2020. Even though the program begins in Winter 2020.
  3. Anyone else have a small typo in their enrollment letter? "... is registered in year of a 4 year program"
  4. Mainly at UBC. I recently started checking the facebook group however it's mainly people subletting their places for term 1.
  5. Hi guys, Has anyone had any luck with finding apartments near UBC. If so, what websites did you use? Other than craigslist, I haven't found a useful website. Also, the purple book mentioned a spreadsheet that would be uploaded to the Facebook group to find roommates but I haven't been able to find anything on the Facebook group. Has anyone been able to find it?
  6. I'm surprised you didn't get accepted. Maybe they look at applications closer that I expected. Are you OOP (more difficult for OOP applicants to get accepted)? Did you have a full course load during at least one of your years in undergrad? Did you complete your undergrad at a less known university in Canada?
  7. Result: Accepted VFMP (1st choice) Geography: IP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 10:55 AM (PST) GPA: AGPA: 92% EC's: Pretty average compared to the rest of the applicant pool. Decent amount of volunteering and work. Most commitments longer than ~2 years. MCAT: 519 Interview: I thought I did so-so on the interview. Was beginning to doubt my answers more and more over the past few months. Year: 5th year. Graduated this year.
  8. Does anyone know if they send all rejection and acceptance notifications together?
  9. Scenario 1 sounds incredibly scary. Scenario 2 sounds likely, maybe we get a warning email on Friday. Scenario 3 makes me sad lol. I hope we don't have to wait that long.
  10. I just hope people who have worked hard don't get negatively impacted by this term and they can find a fair method of adjusting this terms GPAs. Or maybe they could increase the number of med school spots? lol
  11. Yes you are right. But those cases of grade inflation are more isolated. The grade inflation this term was much larger in terms of grades and the number of people it affects. Winter 2020 won't change much in the grand scheme but the effects will be felt greatly by next year's applicant pool if nothing is done.
  12. Absolutely. Regardless of how they proceed, it introduces some unfairness into next years application process. But some decisions will have much larger repercussions than others. GPA isn't only going to be up because of P/F, it's also because class averages are considerably higher. At UBC, finals were worth 5%, so you could get a great mark without even studying for the final. I don't think I have ever taken a class where the average didn't considerably drop after the final. Also, yes some students didn't study but these were exceptional circumstances and we don't know how difficult it was for them to adjust to the new normal. A small group will benefit from replacing this terms grade with FALL 2019 and small group will be hurt by it. However, it is a better solution that to allow grade inflation to skew the GPA's in the application pool.
  13. I agree that some students were likely doing well before the grading scheme was changed but after grading scheme changes, grades likely went up for almost everyone which is why we see the averages increase. Students would upset if the semester was dropped but the point is to make it fair to everyone applying to med. Western did something which I think is a fair solution. They count the COVID term but use the grades/GPA from Fall 2019 (Sept-Dec 2019) to replace your grades from the COVID term. This allows students to receive grades representative of their performance while eliminating the grade inflation issue. And it still allows students to remove their worst year as the COVID term is counted for credits. I just hope they find a fair solution. Although I benefitted a little from grade inflation, I don't think it's fair to those who didn't benefit and I don't think it's a fair representation of academic achievement.
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