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  1. Yeah! It was a couple of weeks ago that I emailed, and it took a while to get a response And I didn’t receive confirmation or anything saying they received my transcript via email, so I wouldn’t worry if you don’t hear back from them afterwards!!
  2. I emailed Kelly and she said for now you can email your unofficial transcripts. I assume they don’t have access to campus so they won’t receive any mail there either.
  3. Yep, I'm from NL! Possibly! I paid on Thursday so I was thinking I would be able to get in by now, but maybe I'm just a little too impatient!
  4. For those of you accepted to Dal OT, and who have paid the deposit fee - is anyone able to access the "Web for Students" on Dal Online? I can log in, but there is no link for "Web for Students", which is where we need to go to register, see our account info, etc. If anyone can offer some advice, it would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I'm also in the same situation! I'm from NL and received unofficial acceptance on the 4th, but nothing else yet. It could be alphabetic (I'm S), or possibly that they haven't received our official final transcripts for the past semester? Hoping we hear something VERY soon!!
  6. I haven't received anything other than the recommendation letter. I emailed Kelly last week regarding sending my final transcripts, but I haven't heard back. Do you know if we need to do anything before we receive the official acceptance in order to accept the offer?
  7. This is what they said in the letter: "Please note, due to COVID‐19 and physical distancing protocols, the MSc(OT) program may start with online course delivery in September 2020 with gradual return to in‐person courses when allowed." And also that we would know more about course delivery in July. I'd imagine it will at least start out online.
  8. Accepted to DAL OT! And congrats to everyone else that has been accepted! I’m from NL - any other Newfoundlanders hear about Dal yet??
  9. Did DAL OT confirm that letters would be released by the end of April? Or is this just based on the general timing of previous years? Still hoping they come before the weekend!!
  10. Do you know if they'll be letting us know through email or by Canada post? I'm out of province, so Canada Post could take foreverrr
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