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  1. Me too homie. I'm also likely gonna be in Calgary as a native Calgarian.
  2. I suppose you were right; I just received my acceptance for u of A's OT a few hours ago! Thank you all for riding it out with me and I wish you all the best of luck!
  3. I have not heard of any movement last time I checked, I wonder if it's because they're slow to open up? I'm certain that at least some people must have declined their offer...
  4. So I emailed them today and they told me there's still been no movement. Hopefully things still work out!
  5. For reference's sake, My GPA was S:3.71 and C:3.6. I dunno what other things they weight on but just in case....
  6. I have only been told that I'm on the waitlist as well, but on the upper half. I would assume, for you, that they mean position 40-60? I haven't a clue for myself.
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