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  1. You never really know how it’ll go, try and maximize your chances at both if possible! Also look at which school your application would be stronger at, if that makes sense!
  2. Keep up the EC’s (see if there’s a couple you can stick with throughout the year and manage studying. I was on a society and played sports and volunteered on campus as well as completed a 4th year research project. I also wrote the DAT in November. Aim to get a score in the average range posted by Western. While a high 20 is really good, it’s evident that a score in the 18-21 range is also good enough to get in. You need to show that you can study as well as participate in EC’s I.e. contributing to being a well-rounded person. Your GPA is also fine, as people have gotten in with an average around yours. Schulich (Med and Dent) look for well-rounded people (the med school also put out a statement about wanting to see success in all areas, not just one) so make sure you are showing them that you are, and you should have a decent shot!
  3. It’s going to be both in class and virtual, so we’ve been instructed to find accommodations in London!
  4. I hear that they did in previous years, but maybe because they’re calling from a personal phone she can’t leave a number to call back at? Hopefully you get called tomorrow!
  5. They call from a No Caller ID number, so def email them to check if that was it!
  6. Oh wow - isn’t that what dentists are currently using? What was their reasoning?
  7. If physics is a prerequisite then you probably would have to get a higher grade than a C in it unfortunately. If they don’t count the summer GPA, then they won’t even look at the withdrawal. But if they count physics, they will look at the C.
  8. Mine also suspended them - I called and explained the situation and they ended up giving me a special link to do it. If you still can’t, contact admissions and they will let you know what to do! Hope that helps
  9. You have to go through your local police department! It may be online or you may have to phone in
  10. The practise PAT tests I found threw a lot of those in compared to the actual DAT. Despite this, when I found that I couldn’t tell the difference between lengths, look for another defining feature. Sometimes there’s a part of the image that’s reversed, which gives it away. Regardless just use your best judgement and DONT overthink it. I got way better at keyholes when I picked the first one I thought matched.
  11. I’ve heard dental hygiene (Fanshawe specifically) is doing all didactic courses in the fall while the clinic gets retrofitted with partitions etc for the winter. I feel like we’ll know a lot more when dental clinics start to open
  12. Around noon today! They call from a private number so if you normally ignore those calls make sure to pick up in the next little bit hahaha
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