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  1. Have you considered PA? I was strongly considering becoming an NP but had little interest in bedside nursing so I pursued PA instead
  2. Hey there! Im a PA student at a different program so Im not who you are looking for. I just wanted to reach out and say that a lot of people make it off the waitlists every year congrats on making it this far! If you dont receive the responses you are looking for here I suggest you join the canadian pre-pa FB group. Good luck!
  3. Regulation is an interesting topic. A lot of supervising physicians and PAs are actually against regulation of the profession, its a much more complex situation than I once thought. Due to this, I do not believe I can do the topic justice but just know its not as linear as regulation = stability in this case. I don't think PAs should practice independently as mentioned above, PAs in the states are getting a lot of back lash. Once again, if you want to practice independently become an MD. Im not sure where this notion of PAs disappearing is coming from, just recently a new pilot project started and NS and there is huge support to integrate them there. As for unstable jobs, that was much more common years ago. The ones that only last 1-2 years are career start jobs. Those normally turn into permanent positions. Most students are now able to find permanent jobs right out of graduation without that funding though. Here in Ontario, that one example that keeps getting brought up about a person being laid off twice is the only one I've heard in recent years. There definitely could be more but I have met so many practicing PAs who have not had any issues at all. I agree with the points mentioned above by a fellow PA student. MD is definitely a more stable field and it always will be I think . The best advice I can give is to talk to practicing MDs, PAs and whatever other options you are picking. In conclusion: Whichever you choose, put your heart into it! Each profession has strengths and weaknesses so it's very important to do some soul searching before deciding.
  4. As other users have mentioned, a LOT of professions were excluded. But the profession is not doing as poorly as some people seem to think here. Currently, there are more jobs than new grads to fill them every year. Salaries range from 75k-130k ish here in Ontario. If you see jobs posted for less than that, they likely never will get filled or the post was mislabeled since the professional title is not protected. As a current student, I am not worried and I expect things to keep improving.
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