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  1. Hey, for those who were originally waitlisted for McMaster and accepted their offer, has your mosaic changed from pending to final offer? I accepted my offer over a week ago but mine still says pending.
  2. Hey! You can pay the fee on Mosaic without waiting for it to show up. They said it will take time to show up and if you want to pay now you can. The deadline to pay is July 31st
  3. I have to same question. I’m not sure if we are supposed to wait for the fee to pop up or pay regardless... It just said in my email to pay the $500 deposit
  4. I just got off the OT waitlist for McMaster and I was #25! I will be accepting the offer
  5. Hey! Congrats on all the offers. When did you get your McGill offer?
  6. Applied: UofT (PT), McGill QY (PT + OT), McMaster (OT)Waitlisted: McMaster (#25)Rejected: McGill (PT) and TorontoStill waiting: McGill (OT) GPA: cGPAa 3.99/4.3, 3.87/4.0 and sGPA 3.87 (ORPAS) Does anyone know how much the waitlist moves for McMaster?
  7. I was thinking that too. But someone on here got a PT acceptance on Monday and another got one for PT a few days later. It seems like they are sending them out in batches, so maybe they are doing the same for OT. I don’t know for sure though :/
  8. I know some people that were refused last week for McGill OT. I’m still waiting, I haven’t heard anything yet for myself
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