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  1. I am a PA working in family medicine and have been for some years. Most if not all of the people in my graduating year are still working and have very stable jobs. However I did hear about some PAs losing their jobs after funding was over because they weren’t able to come up with a feasible model to pay their salary, or because of issues with medical directives. There are a lot of very valid points for PAs that are raised here, as well as equally valid concerns. I think overall the profession is fairly stable and will slowly gain traction and stability, but the nurses union holds way too much pull and they have no interest in giving PAs more authority. The sad but hard truth in life is that it all comes down to $$$. Money rules everything. NPs and nurses will make arguments that PAs only have 2 years of school, aren’t as well educated, and don’t have the medical knowledge to be regulated. The reality is it’s a poor argument and if the nursing union really cared about wait times, increasing access to health care, and a more integrated health care model, they would want PAs to work with them in hospitals and clinics. The cold hard truth is that they perceive PAs as a threat to their jobs and their paychecks. Thankfully for me I don’t have to worry about hospital politics and the threat of losing my job over inadequate hospital funding/budget cuts.
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