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  1. Hi guys. Congrats for the offers I am looking to apply to UK PT schools next year. Can I ask, how was the application process (i.e. how early did you apply? ; interview process? , etc)? Also, are you planning to work in the UK? Thanks
  2. Hi guys. To all those with an international physiotherapy qualification and working in Canada, may I know which university did you attend and how long did it take for you to obtain the CAPR credential before applying for the PCE? Thanks. Also, how was your job search in Canada like?
  3. Hi. I am an international student from the National University of Singapore. I am looking to apply to Mac PT next year. My expected s-GPA after conversion would be about 3.58 - 3.6. I would like to ask if anyone would be aware of those who got admission with a relatively lower GPA like mine. Thanks I am currently working on my volunteer hours and am also involved in a couple of research projects FYI.
  4. Hi all. Congrats to all those who have been offered admission or waitlisted! Im an international student and am looking to apply next year for PT at either Dal, McMaster, Western or McGill. I would like to ask how much is research experience valued for admission? I am currently involved in a couple of projects and am also working on a paper which I hope to publish by the end of this year. Appreciate all the inputs! Thanks
  5. Hi. Are there any international students who applied to Western MPT? What was the interview like? Was it like an MMI? Thank you.
  6. Hi all. Just came across this thread. Im looking to pursue PT in either Dal, McMaster or Western. I am an international student from Singapore. Would anyone be able to advice on the international student profile in these programs? Thanks.
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