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  1. I just got waitlisted as well! I know they won't disclose rank but does anyone know how many people they keep on the waitlist?
  2. I wonder if they're waiting for OMSAS to release the med admissions tomorrow to see if anyone rejects the offer.
  3. I don't think so! There's still a week until mid-May so I'm holding out hope haha
  4. I've applied as well! I'm a Canadian and I emailed them a while back asking if decisions would be delayed due to COVID-19 but they said I should still know by mid-May. So far I've heard of two Canadians who have heard back (I don't know them personally). I believe one was accepted and one was rejected (not sure if the one rejected was actually rejected or put on the waitlist). To my knowledge both of them also applied to Med so my best guess is that they're trying to give decisions to people who applied to multiple programs first to give them time to decide which program they want.
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