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  1. Just a little correction for uOttawa. They changed the GPA calculation for next cycle. They will still use your last 3 years of full-time study but they will use the cGPA instead of a wGPA. They will NOT do x3, x2, x1 anymore. Also, for the French Quebec universities, they unfortunately count ALL your undergraduate grades, including repeated courses and summer courses.
  2. I would also read up on Western's requirements because they require that you take courses that correspond to your year of study (3rd year courses in year 3, ...). It is also usually not recommended to repeat courses because a lot of universities will use both grades.
  3. Application for the credit card or for the LOC? My advisor said the application has to be finalized before July 1st to qualify
  4. Sure, there are some people who manage to get in with a low GPA, I'll give you that. However, in your case, you can basically count out McMaster, NOSM, Dalhousie and Memorial from your list because of your geographical status. I think your best bet would be BC since you are IP, but you would need to work on your ECs. Btw, for Dal .... Residents of all other Canadian provinces and territories Minimum of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale in each year assessed. The minimum GPA requirement must be met in EACH year (with 30 credit hours) being assessed to be considered for admission. So yes, you do need a full course load for Dal.
  5. I live in NB so my (very limited) knowledge of job searching wouldn't really apply to such big cities lol
  6. Where (province, big vs small city) do you plan on working?
  7. I put the wrong information for one of my entries and was not able to delete it. I called the admissions dept. and she told me to re-enter it correctly (so that it would be there twice) and that it would be ok because they always double check with your transcripts. I ended up restarting the application though, just in case (paranoia maybe? Haha)
  8. Same thing for me! They have been my references for a few years so I really wanted to express my gratitude for their continued support. They were all very happy/excited for the update
  9. Today is last day to accept offers so the waitlist should start moving this week. I will!
  10. Do you know how many people get off the waitlist usually? I have a friend from the States who interviewed the last week of May and they told her she would know mid-June. I'm guessing this week.
  11. Incoming student at Dal! Sorry for the confusion, I should have specified. I would love to be able to join an online group (if that's an option given different university/program) Exact same situation for me! I'm part of a few groups on Facebook for my condition and there's such a wide variety of severity. I don't know where I fall on the scale or if I would considerer myself disabled either. I totally understand what you mean by it being lonely.
  12. I'm an incoming dental student so I can't really help you in that sense, but I too was wondering what kind of accommodations are available for people with chronic physical conditions (sorry to hijack your post). I have never asked for accommodations during undergrad, even though I should have, so I have no clue what can be offered.
  13. Is there a facebook group for the class of 2024?
  14. I thought we could maybe share our results/stats for future reference. There’s not a lot of information out there for Dal DDS and I know it would have helped me when I first started looking into Dal. So I made a new thread for stats! Please feel free to go add your result/stats
  15. I thought we could maybe share our results/stats here for future reference. There’s not a lot of information out there for Dal DDS and I know it would have helped me a lot when I first started looking into Dal. I made a template based on the others on this forum. Please feel free to add any information you think would be helpful for others Result: IP (Atlantic Provinces)/OOP/International: wGPA (Last 60 cr): Prereq GPA (Higher sciences): DAT (Bio/Chem/PAT/RC/MDT): Interview: Comments: -------------------------- I guess I'll start first! Result: Accepted!!!! IP (Atlantic Provinces)/OOP/International: IP (NB) wGPA (Last 60 cr): Around 4.05/4.30 (I repeated courses during my last two years and they take the average of the 2 courses) Prereq GPA (Higher sciences): Depends on how they calculated it, either 4.15 or 4.18/4.30 DAT (Bio/Chem/PAT/RC/MDT): 21/20/22/22/23 Interview: I felt like I reaaaally messed up 2 questions, did great on 1 or 2 and ok on the rest. Just goes to show that you're not the best at judging your own performance. Comments: Sooo excited to meet everyone!!
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