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  1. Anyone going into UofT PT going to be look for a male roomate in September if classes start! If so PM me
  2. Does anyone know if UofT PT will be having their program delivered online in September ?
  3. Got into All 4 PT schools in Ontario :)))) Sub GPA: 3.86 PM if you have any questions.
  4. I have a conditional offer from Mac. I'm pretty sure its because my degree hasn't been conferred yet/my final transcript hasn't been sent in. Anyone else in a similar position.
  5. If you don't mind me asking what other schools did you apply too/ what was your Orpas GPA as well
  6. Is this just for OT or for PT as well? Do they send emails regarding our ACORN accounts then, or where is that login info provided ?
  7. If you don't mind me asking what was your sub gpa for ORPAS and % for UBC ?
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