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  1. It came on June 26 last year, so I wouldn't get too down on myself just yet
  2. Just an FYI, Sunnybrook is still very much in busy Toronto. Its surrounded by mega wealthy suburbia, but it still feels very "Toronto".
  3. I have no idea what McGill's plans are for online lab, but I assume you are going to get data, and will not be doing any actual experiments in lab. When I took it, it was a lot of stoichiometry, titrations, etc. Best bet is to ask your course coordinators.
  4. I would consider the astronomical cost of medicine in the US. Also, there is nothing stopping you from pursuing that master's during your residency - I know plenty of people who have done that. I'm not sure why you would gamble away your guaranteed Med acceptance now, for something uncertain. There's no guarantee you can get an acceptance again either in Canada or in the US - admissions always have an element of luck involved.
  5. Has anyone ever had success in getting the office to confirm that they got WGPA weighting? My undergrad operated on a 30 credit system, but 4 of my first year classes were 4 credit (vs. 3), so I had a full course load as per my school, but OMSAS only shows 8 units. But when I emailed last year, it just said "We look at your transcript". I'd just love some more confirmation.
  6. Haha sorry, I didn't mean you, rmorelan when i meant "you". I meant the schools - I am in total agreement with you.
  7. Oh for sure, don't get me wrong - they're all incredible individuals. But from an optics standpoint, you don't want to create the image of "primary" and "secondary" campus. Different locations, not "better" ones.
  8. BC also has satellite campuses, at Prince George & Victoria. And it's not whack. You want to bring academic medicine training outside the large urban area to better serve the community. Plus - you give learners a chance to experience community medicine, where theoretically a majority of doctors will end up being.
  9. For what its worth - I don't think they would want WL people only at Windsor. Similar to Mac, they wouldn't want lower ranked applicants at their satellite campuses, as that would devalue the satellite campus - something they actively try to avoid.
  10. Yeah, I totally get it. Hope it works out for you guys - worst case, two years will pass faster than you know! Sending good vibes!
  11. Haha all good. I now remember you have partner/family reasons, and that's the most important. Best of luck with everything!
  12. Wait, I thought you got UWO, and you mentioned that it was your only interview? EDIT: just realized you could still be on WL, since no one interviewed at mac I rescind my inquisition!
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