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  1. No! I didn't get anything. Hmm...maybe tomorrow?
  2. Not feeling super hopeful at this point knowing how close it was to being filled once we got the last update! I guess we will see if we get something new today! How are you feeling?
  3. Hi guys! I've definitely had better days...its been rough but I agree with @NOSM24 about things feeling a little better after Tuesday. I haven't heard anything so there might be a slim chance? I'm trying to stay positive but also realistic at this point
  4. Oh that's odd! Glad you got it though. All first round offers had to be responded to by May 26th (I believe at 11:59PM). Waitlist offers from NOSM and McMaster (and apparently a couple of Ottawa offers) happened during the period from May 12-26. The two people NOSM is waiting on must be waitlist offers (makes sense since the email said there are still 42 of us on the list out of the original 52). All other Ontario schools start waitlist offers today (to the best of my knowledge)! I don't know how long people on the waitlist at each school have to reply. I think it is at least a week? Purgatory is the worst! Very mentally draining just being in limbo.
  5. I didn't get any emails today from NOSM! Technically the two remaining candidates could be waiting to see if they get off a waitlist for another school that doesn't have movement right away like Ottawa or Western, etc. I think they also have a window of time to decide whether or not to accept. Did you get an email eventually? Or did you contact them about not getting it? Weird!
  6. Right...I didn't even think about that. Crazy for sure. Who knows..maybe the two offers they're waiting on will decline and it will continue? I can't imagine things would move very far but I guess you never know
  7. I also spent some time bawling my eyes out basically. That's crazy that it has only moved 10 spots...I'm pretty sure that would be the lowest movement ever. I also wonder what spot I was in. It's super daunting thinking about putting myself through this again, but I have a feeling I will apply again next cycle. It's tough to know you're so close. I went up to book one today after we got the email and it said that they are booking into mid-late June...I didn't want to book before in case I got in off the waitlist
  8. I would email them! There was one person a few years back whose email address glitched out and they should have received an offer. The only way they found out was because they didn't get the update email. Let them know you didn't get it
  9. Agreed, I was hoping to see less confirmed learners for sure. Feeling pretty hopeless right now, that's for sure. Do you think you will be applying again for next cycle? Thanks for joining us! I don't think any of us really expected the email to be what it was today ...
  10. Thank you for making an account and posting! Also huge congratulations! That is amazing and shows such perseverance! Are you headed to the East or West campus? I am also a non-traditional applicant, so this is good news for sure
  11. Well guys! Another week down and I haven't heard anything. Hope everyone has a good weekend. I am going to try to spend some time outdoors to stay sane. I'm looking forward to the update email after Tuesday. I think some applicants may make their decision this weekend with it being close to the deadline. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!
  12. My email has been very quiet today...UGH this waiting is the worst lol!
  13. Thanks for joining us! Nice to have other people that are also dealing with waitlist purgatory
  14. I've also heard nothing...I am thinking things are probably moving but I don't know of anyone who has said they got off the waitlist. Like @Danielle7 said though, I haven't seen posts from anyone other than the three of us! Lurkers - now's the time to post haha! These forums only really work if people post
  15. How are people feeling today? I am thinking things are starting to move! Just makes me feel more stressed lol
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