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  1. Mac and Westernnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  2. How on earth would they know who's less privileged?
  3. just cuz it was a glitch last year doesn't mean its a glitch this year, they probably fixed up the system to fix the 12 am thing and maybe they messed up this part instead LOL
  4. I don't understand the campus theory - does OMSAS show which campus you're assigned to? I thought it's only disclosed in your offer letter?
  5. But we have no seen someone that has the button and did not interview at mac
  6. mine is still there, nothing has changed
  7. Data point: Interviewed at western and mac, I do have the button GPA 3.91, CARS 129 I go to Mac for undergrad right now and there is no change on mosaic (for anyone who is wondering)
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