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  1. Thinking back to some of the clinical rooms I've been in - definitely going to position to examination chair/bed/patient chair towards the back wall and the physician chair & desk/computer by the door. Maybe having doors that open outwards if that's an option would help shave precious seconds off. And having a discrete alarm system to my secretary/nurse from under the table like the banks do
  2. 4 years of undergrad 4 years of medical school 2 years of residency & Countless years-to-decades serving your community and it all ends when a patient takes a machete to you. Just another reminder that medicine cannot = our lives. Life is unpredictable and tomorrow isn't guaranteed. It can all come to a halt at any moment. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/red-deer-clinic-doctor-attacked-1.5681052
  3. Same thing happened to a friend which is odd but they say 2 cycles for welcome award. I assume the same will happen to me. Gonna get them to contact Scotia Rewards and their Scotia person I guess - thanks for update
  4. https://www.omainsurance.com/Products/Pages/Student-Special-Offer.aspx How prevalent are students with disability or life insurance; What are the pros and cons and is it worth it
  5. Started a similar thread regarding using LOC for down payment in residency
  6. Im aiming for a 5-year residency and hoping to purchase a 3/4-bedroom home for R1 next year (~800K for my top 2 locations) and renting out 2/3 rooms. I have around 15K saved and my parents can contribute 10-20K as well. I am planning to pay down 20% = 160K to avoid CMHC mortgage loan insurance as they have rules against borrowing for your down payment. I was wondering what the consensus is on using LOC to top up my down payment? I will have 55K in government student loans as well.
  7. You really need to talk to staff about this one, Even then youre likely only getting an academic perspective. Private practice varies so much depending on their structure and volume
  8. Nope, just middle aged ladies in the case of derm and ENT private practice lol
  9. To be fair theres no way to quantify private practice earnings unless through self-report and they would never report on it themselves lol
  10. Can someone better at me in math and finance explain how the interest is calculated? Lets say I take $1000 out of my LOC today, how does the interest accrue over the years until I have to make payments on the principal (2 yrs after finishing residency) ? Do I have to pay off the LOC interest with the LOC (therefore increasing the principal) or can I pay it off using debit?
  11. Applicants offered admission through BSAP pass every checkpoint that everybody else does, the only difference is that a Black physician reviews their file and attends their interview. Any argument taking away their merit or achievements due to their race is bananas.
  12. https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/finance-and-investing/mortgage-loan-insurance/calculating-gds-tds The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) enacted the new "no borrowing for downpayment rule". You can circumvent this by taking out a 20% downpayment and not requiring the CMHC but your GDS and TDS might be too high, even with the boost with pay as an attending
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