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  1. https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/finance-and-investing/mortgage-loan-insurance/calculating-gds-tds The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) enacted the new "no borrowing for downpayment rule". You can circumvent this by taking out a 20% downpayment and not requiring the CMHC but your GDS and TDS might be too high, even with the boost with pay as an attending
  2. "The projected income is an average estimated amount based on available industry data and is subject to change. Your actual income may vary. Terms and conditions apply." From Scotia Website
  3. I plan on purchasing a home if I match into a 5-year program. I've 1001 questions (Will my future attending earnings or my current resident earnings be taken into account? Can I use my LOC towards my down payment? etc). Does anyone have any recommendations for resources? Thanks in advance
  4. Conspiracy of the century; and tbh we might never get to the bottom of this one
  5. 30% of the top 100 were accepted when they normally would not have. These 30 ppl mustve had poor MMIs to not make it in given their high GPA and CARS. Thus, they may not have had received other acceptances, just Mac. Thus, the waitlist moved less, despite issues with a three year program and COVID
  6. No medical school should competitively access any metric, especially something as non-standardized like GPA. The GPA should be assessed in batches of 0.5 or have a cutoff like 3.7 at Western. You could train someone with a 3.7 to be a physician just as well as you could train someone with a 4.0
  7. They should accept CASPer for those that write it to see if the waitlisteres wouldve received interviews regardless - just for data purposes Hopefully its 550 total so it doesnt fuck the waitlisters over a 2nd time
  8. You couldnt drop 3 FCE every school year, so this interpretation is wrong Theres no harm in emailing to check but no way they let you drop 2 FCEs per school year, that way everyones wGPA will be a 4.0 and indiscernable
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