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  1. Hey everyone! I think we can't apply for anything like scholarships or bursaries until we have our uozone account (correct me if I'm wrong), but does anyone know what kinds of scholarships/bursaries are available for medical students, or how much people normally receive? Thanks!
  2. Edit * sorry i just realized this was already a topic but am not sure how to delete a thread... For anyone who took the BLS online interim course already, were you required to buy the book? Did the instructor check that you had it? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone been officially registered yet? Or heard anything about confirmation of their transcript? Thanks! Edit: Other than OMSAS saying "transcript received"
  4. In case anyone is still wondering, I emailed the heart and stroke foundation and they said we do not have to take Part 2 with the same instructor as Part 1!
  5. Any incoming first year medical students feel like they're wasting their final summer of freedom? How are people spending their time while being conscious of social distancing/covid-19 implications?
  6. okay thanks! Do you know if part 2 of the course has to be taken at the same location as part 1?
  7. So has anyone successfully signed up for a BLS course yet?
  8. Hello! I was just wondering if by 'confirmation' by Diane, you meant that congratulations email with a link to the facebook page? I haven't received an email that explicitly says "we have received all the required documents" or anything like that and was wondering if I should have by now? Edit: My OMSAS just says "firmly accepted" like you have described!
  9. Is anyone else a non Uottawa undergrad student who hasn't received any sort of confirmation about the deposit? I emailed asking about how we would receive confirmation but have not heard back yet.
  10. I am wondering about mailing the completed police check--will anyone be there to receive it in person? Should we also be sending in a scan for the interim or anything like that?
  11. Ah okay perfect thank you! Did you have to request the letter? Just want to make sure I didn't miss receiving anything!
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