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  1. The facebook page looks like it has all 56 members on it so I believe all the spots have been filled up. Last minute changes could always be made..
  2. DatReady has good practice tests. You can buy the RC, PAT, and Science booklets as a bundle. Its expensive (147$ right now - on sale actually) but worth it imo. You can also get the books individually. Most useful for me were Science and PAT. I found that the types of questions asked on RC were different on the actual DAT, but still good practice
  3. Accepted GPA: 3.91 (best 2 years) DAT: RC/AA/PAT: 20/21/21 ABS: volunteering in university and in community, >100 hours shadowing, employed at dental office, NO research/publications or experience in lab (in case future applicants are wondering) Interview: found the questions straight forward, because it was not a live interview, did not have any particular "feeling" coming out of it as there was no human interaction or reactions to gauge.
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