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  1. Hey! i was wondering where you can find information on how they are using CASPER for OOP? i seem to have trouble finding this information
  2. Yeah same... will update if I get a class is full email though!
  3. Class is full email is out congrats to all who got in and everyone else for a free interview next round! (for future waitlisters looking at past years OPs, I didn’t get it ;-;)
  4. There has always been a wave in June in the past years, but only one person so far posted that they got in in june... what a strange strange year
  5. Awww thank you I really don’t want to be the first to break the streak... i don’t have much hope left, but will definitely update if by some miracle, it ends up happening!
  6. I think people are just less active this year... did anyone get in today? any update would be much appreciated!!!
  7. Oooooooo congrats!!! Did anyone else hear back??
  8. Damn your posts break my heart at least 3 times a week
  9. Has any heard since last week? Please please let us know, will heart react for sure
  10. In previous years, did queens do rolling after the 2nd waitlist wave or still once a week?
  11. Queens please hit us with that email edit: oops wrong thread but the same sentiment to edge, Wendy
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