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  1. Result: Accepted - long time lurker Geography: IP GPA: 3.68 MCAT: 509 (128/126/129/126) Degree: BSc (Biology), MSc (in progress) E.C: Past cycle: 7/17 in 2018 (before MSc). Mature applicant, partial completion of BScN with clinical experience, non-science related work (maintenance worker & assistant manager), science related work (research assistant most undergrad summers & lab tech one year post BSc), 1 publication with another manuscript under review when application was submitted, NSERC CGS-M & other large scholarships, developed de novo e-phys protocol during MSc, VP of department's students' assoc., light volunteering (working with vulnerable pops, event organizer, no clinical listed), & hobbies (drawing & skateboarding for 20+ yrs, carpentry, baking, diverse...). Interview: Solid considering the format changes. In-person practicing was huge for me. Thoughts: Rejected pre-interview from UofA and UofC in 2018. Rejected pre-interview from UofC this year - all you need is one. It's clear that they're looking at much more than grades. Don't lose hope if you have a less than stellar GPA and MCAT.
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