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  1. I was waitlisted and requested my official transcripts from my uni at the beginning of June. Emailed both schools to make sure they were sent/received and dal responded June 15th that they weren’t received. I’m Atlantic OOP
  2. Dal OT people - forgot to post this earlier in the week, but I heard back from dal admissions on Monday (the deadline for final transcripts) that my transcripts weren’t received via email BUT after contacting my uni, they did send them at the beginning of June. Dal must have lost them in their inbox. I resent them and all is well, but if you are waitlisted and they didn’t confirm they received your transcripts, you might want to reach out to double check!
  3. I know a couple people from OOP that were accepted and I’m a PEI resident and was waitlisted so I’m pretty positive they sent out the initial acceptances already!
  4. When I emailed OT admissions about it (stating I was waitlisted in the email) Kelly said to send my transcripts. I also had pre-reqs that they didn’t have my marks for last semester so I think it makes sense to send them!
  5. I think dal only considers your GPA from your last 2 years of your 4 year undergrad. I could be wrong though. If you want to improve your pre-requisite course marks I know that Athabasca university offers online anatomy/physiology courses so I believe you could try that. I would check with dal first just to make sure though!
  6. Oh my bad girl, I didn’t even realize your username was PT not OT. I only applied to dal because I wasn’t really concerned about it, thinking that if I didn’t get in then I could make some $$ working and spend a few months travelling before reapplying to more schools for 2021. Clearly that plan backfired with covid.. hopefully it works out for you though - maybe PEI folks will be concerned with accreditation for dal DT and choose Ontario schools instead!
  7. Are you emailing OTadmissions@dal or Kelly directly? They never answer my emails and I want to know my place on the waitlist too I’m also from PEI so I feel you.. I can’t imagine someone not accepting from PEI
  8. Question: when final transcripts are sent (with pre req classes/last semester courses) will that affect waitlist placings? Asking bc I just did my pre reqs this past year so they don’t have my marks for either of them yet and I’m hoping it’ll help my standing. Thanks!
  9. Just to OTadmission@dal.ca? I swear my emails must be going to junk or something, I was waitlisted and asked if unofficial via email was OK but they never responded to me lmao so thanks for posting this!
  10. Just got an email from dal OT this afternoon that I’m on the waitlist
  11. So do y’all think dal is literally ever going to email me about waitlist/rejection or is OT admissions ever going to respond to my email I sent and resent twice?
  12. I’ve been thinking the same thing and I’m not really sure. I haven’t heard back either and agreed feeling frustrated. I assumed I would’ve heard back at least about being waitlisted or rejected by this point. Honestly about to be realllly frustrated if I’m not waitlisted. My GPA and pre-req classes I feel like have to be high enough to be waitlisted and if not.. idek. I’m probably going to wait until next week to hear back first (I emailed OT admissions). Since you’re in Ontario I think you’re definitely safe to wait until the end of the month before sending them - so maybe wait another week or so before sending transcripts in case they get back to you. Hope everything works out for you!
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