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  1. Based on the size of the FB group (again not a reliable metric), I feel like there may be another 20-30 offers to go, since someone said a bit less than 20 are upper years, and some people added to the group may have gotten multiple offers and won't choose Ottawa. Again, just an estimate but still some hope for people We won't know until it's over
  2. If the timestamp theory holds true, I feel that you would be very soon to know so brings optimism that there may not have been any movement today. Maybe they know they've spoiled us with early waitlist movement these past few days, so they don't mind waiting a bit longer xD
  3. Congrats on all the acceptances everyone! So well deserved!
  4. Lol forreal haha We're hopefully gonna have a lot of movement by end of this week + next! We're almost there!
  5. Thanks for all the work everyone! Hope you all enjoy this wonderful weekend
  6. Ok awesome thanks! If omitting ~7:38, 7:40, 7:42, 7:43, and 7:44 as possible cool-down periods, there would be roughly 300 on the good waitlist. But I do agree, that is quite farfetched but just interesting to think about. And yes loads of calculations errors can be made so timestamps are the way to go!
  7. Random question: don't want to add any anxiety but just curious to what you all think. Do you think a waitlist email went out every second (except for where there may have been a ~minute lag?). Looking at the spread sheet, some emails went out in close successions, so just wondering if this could provide an idea of the size of the good waitlist? Again, this could mean absolutely nothing--hope we all get some good news over the next week or so!
  8. I was just thinking this too! I've asked for soo many references from them LOL
  9. *Previously mentioned checking FB group size but edited it out as it was suggested it definitely may not be a controlled metric to go off of*
  10. Aye congrats @phgylover5! You guys made it Enjoy this moment you've worked so hard for!
  11. Do you think many people received waitlist offers on Friday (similar to the data in the spreadsheet from 2019) or do we think they're just doing a few each day?I just want to conceptualize how large the real waitlist may be given our data only represents a small subset of applicants--want to see if there is any hope for me being around the middle of our list LOL
  12. Yeah that would be nice though idk if there'll be much movement given SAI is only 2 seats haha but one can hope!
  13. CONGRATS!!! Beyond stoked for you!! <3
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