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  1. Re: to the previous post...I just got an acceptance! I'll be rejecting it ASAP so hopefully another one of you get's an opportunity It's not over til it's over
  2. Ayee so pumped! Thanks for the advice everyone--I ended up going with the 13 inch macbook pro and the 12.9 (13 lol) inch iPad Pro
  3. Will do! Also when I return one of these today I'm thinking of picking up an iPad but now the question is similar in that do I get 11 or 13 inch LOL--I'm leaning towards the 11 inch if I will be using a laptop and only want it for note taking but I'll update on that choice too
  4. I ended up getting both 13 inch macbook pro and the 16 inch two weeks ago (Was gonna get a new laptop anyways) I have until tomorrow to decide which one I'm gonna return but yo the 16 inch is soo nice in terms of speakers and screen size (I can see the screen being useful for split screening notes) I'm just concerned it might be too big when sharing table space with people or when in lecture (and maybe ipad could complement the 13 inch's smaller screen)
  5. I can confirm from my email (I was the one who just received acceptance) that the person had personal circumstances so no worries about revocation! I hope it was a deferral and/or everything is ok with them
  6. Late to the game but do you guys think a 16 inch laptop would be too big for lectures or to carry around on the day (just thinking in case an iPad during the day time and the big laptop at home isn't enough)
  7. Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know (and future years looking at trends) that I got in yesterday! Thank you all again for the incredible support and being there for each other and myself every step of the way from interview invites to the waiting and the OMSAS button controversies. Each step both good and bad was a pleasure to experience with you all! I wish you all incredible luck and please know my inbox is always open if you wanna have a chat! Once again thank you all <3
  8. Hey everyone just wanted to see if anyone could give me some guidance on what I should do in terms of a tech upgrade since I can't really find any advice on online reviews for my type of usage for my laptop. Essentially, I am upgrading from a 2015 macbook pro 13 inch with retina because the RAM is just not enough on it and I still have El Capitan as the OS (which I don't want to risk upgrading in case it bricks the computer). My sister will be receiving this laptop once I get my upgrade. Since I never have any accidents with my tech, I want this upgrade to be "future-proof" the best it can given that I am ok with investing a lot of money for a device that can hopefully last me another 5 years or so. I actually bought the 2020 macbook pro 13 inch (32 GB RAM, 4 core i7 processor, 1TB storage) and for its price, I was told that I might as well throw in another 500-700 and get the 2019 16 inch (32 GB RAM, 8 core i9 processor, 1TB storage). My question more so leans on the battery consumption of a more powerful 16 inch (which also has a stronger battery), the portability, the way the laptop looks, ability to handle the work load without overheating, and future proofing. Just to place my usage into context, I tend to always be out of the house (under non-pandemic circumstances), going from coffee shop to coffee shop when meeting with people, or working in libraries or on campus. Also, at home, I prefer to use my laptop on my lap or while laying down rather than on a table. My usual usage comprises of microsoft office apps, web browsing a bit of coding and stats programs, and when doing research or applications, many many tabs open in Chrome. I don't engage in any video or photo editing or gaming, though I want to maybe keep some options open in case I develop any hobbies or need to use it for any job. Just for context my regular RAM usage fluctuates from 7-18 GB of RAM on a regular day, so we can expect this to rise beyond 16 GB during peak productivity. With this in mind, anyone have any experience with the 16 inch (I heard it has amazing speakers, power capability, and the larger thinner-bezeled screen is nice to have for multitasking). Though I also want to hear out any concerns or comparisons to the 2020 13 inch when it comes to on-the-go usability (is it awkward to use in public or on your lap), the battery life (does the higher power mess up battery even though it's so large; though 10th gen processor on 13inch can also be argued as powerful), thermal control, design, etc. when keeping my usage information in mind. Would love to read some of your thoughts and discussions.
  9. Hey everyone, I just realized that one of my unofficial transcripts (from a school I took a summer course at) took a while to be sent to me, and as such, I embarassingly thought I already uploaded it. Now I realize I submitted my secondary application without having submitted one of my unofficial transcripts. Do you think this would be a deal breaker for my application or would a simple email request be sufficient to saving me LOL Also, I had already submitted official transcripts so maybe that could be some consolation? Let me know what you think
  10. Hey everyone, just wanted to say thank you all so much for the amazing and insightful feedback that really had me thinking long and hard. I ended up submitting my application two days ago--and though it was a gruelling process to do it so fast, and I slightly fell behind my summer course, I feel it was very worth it! Thanks again (fingers crossed the rest of my references upload the letters soon too and that I won't be too screwed in terms of timing)
  11. ye i got MSAR and have roughly 12-13 i'll apply to and thanks for the advice
  12. No worries! Any variety of opinions and honesty is much appreciated! Also roughly how many schools did you apply to? Also that makes sense, and just to confirm, I would have to wait for my verifier's information to be confirmed before submitting right (like no way to edit that info on primaries after I press submit)?
  13. sorry about that I edited it now haha, I misunderstood the instructions--it's a cool game
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