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  1. I just thought that amongst all this sadness for people who didn't get a spot I'd just share my story as I'm sure some of you can relate and others can hopefully draw some inspiration. Also I just need to vent. This was my 4th cycle, I've gotten in at schools in the US and Europe but I just really wanted to stay in Canada because this is my home. After not getting in post undergrad I did a master's program that has allowed me to obtain a role as a health care professional. I've got over two thousand hours of frontline healthcare experience. All I've ever wanted was an interview to show these schools that I WILL be a great doctor. Just a chance to show them that stats aren't everything (I've got a great GPA, but 126 CARS). Having worked in healthcare, knowing how to talk to patients and working with doctors, nurses and allied health on almost a daily basis, I knew I was ready to slay the interview (despite what Mac said about us thinking we would do better on the interview than we actually would). This year for the first time I got my wish, and got that opportunity..only to ultimately lose out on the chance to show what makes me unique and demonstrate my readiness to be a physician. TO A LOTTERY no less. It's been a really really tough pill to swallow but I'm not giving up just yet. I know that I will be a great physician, it's not a matter of IF but WHEN. As hard as it is let's all keep our heads up. Congrats to everyone that's gotten in. All of this waiting is just going to make it that much sweeter when we are finally there. Peace and love
  2. In that case yes, I think you're totally right, timestamp seems to be indicative of the fact that they just sent emails in Alphabetical order.
  3. My timestamp is 8:14, last name is at the very beginning of the alphabet. Are we talking about the order of the waitlist or the order in which they send their emails for waitlist?
  4. This is a good idea, I just wanna say as someone on their 5th cycle this is the closest I've come to an acceptance and as much as it hurts that I wasn't in control of my own destiny (not being able to interview). I hope we get some movement and some of us still get to see our dreams come true. You're all rockstars
  5. Doesn't seem like anyone got flat out rejected. Lots of people on the waitlist so I'm not gonna hold my breath. This is my 5th cycle, I've now finished my masters and spent a year working front line health care, just to lose out to a lottery. This one's gonna be tough to swallow. Congrats to everyone who got in!
  6. Just got waitlisted at Mac, no indication as to what the position is on the waitlist. We'll just have to wait and see
  7. I have the button but nothing popping up on omsas
  8. Fourth Cycle here, I've been accepted to European and American schools but just wanted to stay in Canada so bad. It's been an absolute roller coaster ride. Did a master's program in the meantime. Really hoping it works out this year
  9. I've just been playing cod, fastest way to kill time
  10. The anxiety is building, 5 hours left and I might throw up
  11. This is gonna be a long 24 hours, but hey maybe we'll all just fall asleep out of exhaustion and it'll kill a bunch of time
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