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  1. Not sure if this is an Ottawa situation but I got my email 9:06:08 and my last name is at the end of the alphabet. I think majority of people got it at around the same time?
  2. Truly a moment of brightness through all the despair this week. LET'S GOOOOO!!!!
  3. Wow okay having read that maybe that had the opposite effect you were looking for @Scrubadubdub apologies for that haha. But i mean, with what’s going on in the world these past few days too it’s hard to find the brightside sometimes. The weather is fantastic though, so I’ve been trying to spend more time outside instead of being shut in and consuming bad news; both of the premed variety here and in general LOL
  4. It’s like you’re a 25 year old minor league third baseman still clinging on to your hopes of playing in the majors. You know your time is running out. Your youth and excitement for the game is ever slightly fading year over year as you struggle to improve your game. Some of your best friends and teammates from college are already starters contributing for playoff teams. Maybe this year you put together a string of great games. Maybe you get noticed by some scouts and are even called up for a couple workouts with the team. You know this is gonna be one of your last few chances. You do your best but there’s always some doubt AND you also know there’s plenty of younger and more talented players competing for that same spot. As you await for that official invite to participate in spring training you are contemplating whether you even want to spend another year grinding it out in AA ball. Maybe you should just take that offer to be an assistant coach at your alma mater and move on with your life.
  5. Maybe the high waitlist didn’t even clear... this is too stressful
  6. So is this situation similar or different from what occurred last year?
  7. As much as I try to tell myself that it’s only been the first quarter, plenty of time left to play still... hard to shake the fact that deep down I think it’s already over. Time to start the rebuild.
  8. Read this 3 years ago and I have to say, nothing in this book gave any hint as to who he'd become today LMAOOO
  9. I get how you feel but don't be jealous of other's neuroticism that's not healthy at all... LOOL In terms of the size, I'd say one thing is certain, the NWL is definitely larger than HWL. Personally, I don't think speculating about the numbers is a great idea cause you're much more likely to be wrong than right and that helps no one.
  10. Maybe cause he was annoyed? Probably it was an accident.
  11. Just make sure if you are asking a question you’re also using a VPN. Some poor guy got doxxed by the Calgary Dean for asking too many questions. This comment was sponsored by ExpressVPN.
  12. Not trying to be the guy who drops random sports references but.... this situation reminds me of Tracy Mcgrady interview in which he described his mental state after suffering back-to-back knee injuries. He talked about being in such a dark place that he was willing to try anything, including illegal substances, in order to get better and take back control of his situation. Being a multiple cycle applicant and having been on multiple waitlists myself before (and yet again this year), you honestly feel a similar sense of desperation. Since your dream is so far out of your own hands right now it can take you down some dark roads. So although I don't condone lying and/or giving out malicious advice like rejecting an offer on hand for a shot from a high-waitlist, this whole process can take a toll and that can lead people to do things outside their nature. Bottom line is, don't believe everything people post here and definitely put more wait on the advice from family and loved ones than any stranger on the internet (even if it's the father of modern medicine).
  13. I’m just wondering how the high waitlist started filling Windsor off the bat last year when 78 people supposedly got off waitlist. Doesn’t Windsor have only 38 spots?
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