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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I've been away from this forum for a bit. Thank you so much for the book recommendation, it seems very intriguing and it being from a Canadian perspective I think will help me better understand the challenges that POCs face. And yeah, I agree re. your point of implicit biases. I would've never thought that I was racist, or supported an unjust system that discriminates against non-white people, but I'm starting to realize that some of my thoughts and actions (or lack thereof) are telling of the opposite. I'm really thankful for this thread, for kind people like you who are educating me without judgement of my ignorance. I would hate for my implicit biases or complacency to hurt any of my friends irl or any others in general Anyway, I should probably be quiet now I'm excited to get started on the book and also the documentary!
  2. ahh finally something... but how long it's taking is scaring me i hope they're not making any drastic changes like the Ontario schools
  3. It's confirmed from their website (see @scoobydoo1623's link): "If you have completed 3 years of undergraduate study at a full course load, we will remove 2 FCEs (4 semester-length courses, or 2 full year courses) across your degree".
  4. Ohmygosh congrats!!! Been lurking these forums for a while, and I just wanted to say the dedication and persistence you've shown throughout this whole process has been so inspiring. It must have been hard going through the cycles of self-doubt year after year but you've MADE IT!!!! I'm so happy for you, and you DESERVE this so freaking much!!!!! Congratulations (future) doc !!!!
  5. how do you guys think this will affect the average wGPA? I think it'd be lower obviously, but how much
  6. Omg this is shocking (and so bad for me, lol). I literally just emailed adcom a few days ago to clarify the wGPA formula. Who knew there would be such a huge change... Also, I'm really confused as to how this is supposed to help applicants??? Dropping only 2 FCEs instead of 1 every year seems like they're giving way less room for error
  7. Thank you for sharing your view. I understand now that underrepresentation is a key issue for several Canadian populations, but prominently for Black Canadians. I agree it's important for representation to be similar in healthcare and the general/patient population, and that the BSAP is a much needed first step for this to start taking place. I see that an argument such as "but there are so many underrepresented Canadian groups, why Black Canadians" is stupid because if change can't even take place for the most significantly underrepresented population, of course it can't happen for the other underrepresented groups. Regarding the barriers that Black people and other minorities continue to face, I definitely think it's difficult for me to appreciate that aspect as someone who is White, but I will aim to be better by at least acknowledging the privileges that I've had my whole life and opening my eyes to the way other populations are treated. I also agree with some other commenters that the excessive focus on the GPAs of BSAP applicants is concerning. I'm certain that UofT would not admit anyone who is not an absolutely stellar applicant. Yes, maybe some to-be matriculants did not have a 3.9+ GPA, but that doesn't mean they weren't outstanding in other aspects (essays, ECs, references). Therefore, personally I don't think that publishing the numbers would achieve "transparency" or really anything other than additional hostility towards the BSAP program and Black applicants/matriculants.
  8. Please forgive me if I sound ignorant about this but I feel that this is a fair point. I 100% agree that the systematic racism against POC in the United States is a huge culturally ingrained issue that must be addressed there. The African-Americans/Black Americans in the States have been subject to hundreds of years of racism manifested in all sorts of traumatic ways like slavery and segregation, and continues to today (as we have seen from the recent police brutality cases). Hence, it's completely understandable why equity measures must be in place today to ensure such African-American families are given a fair chance at education. However, it seems to me that Black Canadians have not had such a history. The population which has had such a history in Canada and thus is significantly disadvantaged is the Indigenous population. It's therefore completely understandable that measures are taken at every Canadian school to ensure Indigenous applicants are fairly represented. Given that Black Canadians have not really experienced systematic racism in Canada (to my knowledge), it doesn't make much sense to me why there should be equity programs for Black Canadians as well. Once again, I truly apologize if I sound uninformed on this matter; I am only commenting this because I would like to hear from others who may be more informed and to understand what perspectives I could be missing.
  9. Nothing today either Oh well, at this point I've kind of accepted that it's better luck next year for me. Onto the next cycle I go...
  10. I mean, there's no point thinking about the "what ifs". We all make mistakes in our lives and it's important to be able to learn from them, move on & look ahead. The important thing is that YOU MADE IT, & you deserve it!!!! No age is too old to start med school if it's really what you want. Congrats & be a bit less hard on yourself
  11. I agree, personally I don't really go around telling all my friends what I do as ECs? And neither do my friends. We're very good friends but it's just not something we do. If someone actively asks, we would all be happy to share with each other what we know, but in general, we prefer to just do our own things. This is very cliche, but everyone should be doing stuff that truly interests them anyway instead of copying off each other
  12. (Sorry for jumping on this thread) I'd be interested to know this as well! I took 9 courses in my first year, but it accounted to 30 credits due to some courses being 4 credits. I went to UBC if that helps. I'm wondering if anyone could confirm that I'd still qualify for the wGPA weighting? Thanks!!
  13. Nothing for me either But omg congrats @aldywood!!!
  14. I agree, if it's only disagreement then it's crazy that the supervisor would be allowed to fail you. The only cases where I think they'd be able to is if one deliberately did something untruthful/bad, like @grasswedge mentioned (eg. falsifying data as a lab assistant). It sounds like it's just disagreement in your case so I'd definitely stand my ground and explain everything to the coordinator. If worst comes to worst and you get the F on your transcript, UBC will drop it (and so will some other OOP schools). Best of luck and please know your med school dreams are still okay in either case!
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