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  1. Do you actually think the CMA would do that to us and give us bright orange/yellow backpacks? Isn’t that too mean :,(
  2. are we still hoping they're coming today or is it too late? maybe they were delayed
  3. Thanks for sharing! Interesting how the average accepted GPA for this past cycle dropped to 3.89...
  4. Did they discuss why they made the changes to wGPA calculation? ie. was it due to an astronomically high entrance average this past cycle?
  5. Anyone know how to join the session? I tried the link but I don't see the live stream
  6. Result: Accepted - St. George Timestamp: OMSAS in morning wGPA/cGPA: 4.0/3.95 MCAT: 515 ECs: Research heavy, school clubs Essays: super last minute Interview: 1 station great, 1 bombed, 2 just below average In-person or Virtual: In-Person Year: 4th year Geography: Toronto
  7. Result: Accepted (Hamilton Campus) Timestamp: 8:10AM cGPA: 3.96 CARS: 131 Casper: got Ottawa interview so assuming it’s ok Year: 4th year Geography: IP Button: Nope, didn't have the button before May 12th will be Declining! good luck to those on the waitlist!!
  8. I got a Mac acceptance and good waitlist at Ottawa I will be turning those down assuming OMSAS UofT is legit
  9. The U of T website has been updated with some important dates coming up for newly admitted students so take a look there too @notagunner!
  10. Same... I'm not even going to try and pretend I won't. I know I don't have the willpower
  11. Ran out of reactions so thanks LOL WE ARE SO CLOSE TO 100 PAGES GUYS
  12. Ok im giving in can you also do me please @YesIcan55... interviewed at UofT, Mac, Ottawa, and Queens
  13. What are your predictions for yourself? or does it not work like that? Im too scared to ask you for your prediction on me lol
  14. This 100% sounds like a better option than what mac did
  15. What did these schools choose to do instead of interviews?
  16. yep mac was my second choice, now its my last
  17. If you are indigenous and have received an interview, is it guaranteed you will be accepted then?
  18. I strongly agree with this. The fact that they did not even attempt online interviews which every other Canadian Med school managed really ticked me off. Also, I completed my undergrad at mac and the whole PBL thing is not for me. I have also heard negative comments about Mac Med from a number of current physicians. Overall, I just think other schools teaching styles would suit me better.
  19. I wouldn't defer. I think the schools would do their best to ensure we still receive a high quality education from home. I mostly feel bad for those in clerkship, but I think the preclerkship years can be covered quite well online, with maybe some additional clinical teaching sessions to make up for that lost in person component
  20. This is what my friend who is currently at Ottawa has told me but not sure how reliable that is
  21. Oh I understand sorry i thought cma posted this somewhere. But I definitely agree that these won't be happening
  22. Where did you get all this information? Just curious. Also is it for all schools confirmed O week cancelled or just Mac?
  23. Sorry if this was already discussed but do we know if the the mac student portal updates at midnight?
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