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  1. White noise from youtube - they have 9 hours of video that can get you through the day!
  2. I agree with that said above, this process is unfortunately very much based on luck. Your GPA only gets you to the "next round" of the process, after that its your ECs/CAFs/Casper - all of which are subjective. However, your GPA may help you post-interview for Ottawa, granted your interview goes well. My advice - focus on improving your ECs (try to make them standout/longterm commitments/good wording) and try your best at CASPER. Goodluck!
  3. Hi! Everyone has added great input. Personally for me, I chose people who knew me long term (2-4 years). Mine were a humanities prof, physician, and research prof!
  4. Something like: collaborated with team of 15 to gather funds etc. advocated for X through social media campaigns Led group of X students in weekly tutorials I think quantifying and adding those CANMED terms would be a good way to go about your ABS
  5. Double check with admissions to see how a special year after graduation works - each school is different in their GPA calculation. You want to get a sense of if it will it count towards your WGPA. There’s no looking down on an extra year.
  6. Try posting on the facebook group as well
  7. A friend of mine told me, however - do email for clarification.
  8. My understanding is that if you meet the cut off you proceed to the next step, however if youre below the cutoff then you are unable to apply. Your GPA factors in during post-interview evaluation.
  9. However, for UofT grad applicants still have a chance of getting in with a 3.7-3.8 I believe.
  10. Yeah! They are keeping the same cutoffs it seems but changing the weight of the last two years. Instead of the last two years being multiplied by 2 and 3, they’re now by x1.
  11. Ottawa will let students know Tuesday. Queens is 50/50.
  12. I know someone who emailed and it was confirmed cGPA for this year.
  13. Yeah! I do think it might be half online and some in person - I feel that houses are also going fast
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