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  1. Hi! I really hope you get that call from Chantal. I know that this must be a tough decision. I actually wrote my MCAT and applied for medical school during my masters. The first month was really busy but in the end I found it to be a rewarding experience. Psych is right, you have a great opportunity that will only benefit you in the long-term. I would try to focus on the MCAT and apps this summer and, if you can, keep a lookout for seats (as people usually drop closer to their MCAT). Goodluck!
  2. Hey, I really think it depends on your comfort level with the basic sciences and how quickly you can recall/apply information. Some medical schools do not assess MCAT very competitively, while others value certain marks in each section. Obviously it would be in your favor to do very well. You don't really need a science background to do the MCAT, although it may help, many people have done well without having one. Like the post above, I would try to see how you find the material first and ensure that the right resources are available for you.
  3. Hi! I apologize for being a bit MIA. I realize my name isn’t updated on the list, I actually did accept my offer but am having a hard time putting it in to doc if you can update it for me that would be great! Thank you! also, best of luck to everyone on the waitlist, hoping spots continue to open up!!
  4. I was wondering where med students typically live? I’ve heard there’s a mix between downtown vs near the med school but I was hoping someone could elaborate a bit more. Specifically pros and cons for living near the campus vs downtown and the different areas you recommend. I have also read about a shuttle that goes to the medical school and I was wondering where that picks people up from? thank you!
  5. I sent an email letting them know I have sent over the deposit. I believe you get uzone after registration.
  6. Hey! Please let us know if she gets back to you about the transcript stuff. Thank you!
  7. I accepted on OMSAS, then emailed the letter offer form to admissions and they sent over a link to join the Facebook group.
  8. Can you please let me know as well. I'm a bit confused with all that. I was going to do both?
  9. Result: Accepted (7am) Stream: English wGPA: 3.92 CASPer: Felt it went well, I type fast (PM for general tips) ECs: research, hospital volunteer, advocacy, tutoring PM me if you want more details Interview: felt really good about it! Connected well with the interviewers. Year: Masters
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