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  1. CARS I have over a year of experience tutoring in CARS and achieved a score of 129 myself. I provide you with CARS passages written by me and vetted by other top scorers in CARS. You can write these passages live and explain your thought process, and I will help you to learn which strategies you should have used, and where your thought process went astray. Past students have found this to be an excellent way to improve your score. I charge $40/hour for new students and $35/hour for regular students. CASPer I have helped several students with the CASPer test in the past, and am now offering my services to the general public. I offer several services to help you improve your CASPer score: 1. One-on-one lessons in which we discuss general strategies that have worked for students in the past, question types, and formulate a study plan. The CASPer also requires you to be self-aware of the experiences you've had in the past, so we will go through your extracurriculars and find examples where you've demonstrated CASPer-worthy skills. I charge $40/hour for this service. 2. A package of three practice CASPers. Once you have taken each practice CASPer, we will do a phone call and I will provide you with individualized feedback. This package costs only $150 for all three practice CASPers and unlimited feedback. 3. Additional practice CASPers cost $75 each including feedback. I write all of my own practice CASPers, so you won't find duplicate questions! MCAT I achieved a 519 (129 C/P, 129 CARS, 130 B/B, 131 S/P) after having studied for the MCAT for only four months and also working full-time. I used a highly efficient strategy called retrieval learning. Message me and we can discuss how you can improve your score as well!
  2. It only stresses you if you let it stress you. If you think it's more about how you handle this opportunity that was given to you, then you may not be as concerned. For example, if I went unmatched in 2023, I would think about why this is the case. How can I improve my application and do better? If it's just me who was rejected, it probably has more to do with some part of my application that I did wrong (and that would probably have happened regardless of my school), rather than being a part of the lottery class. If it's not just me who was rejected but instead many of the lottery class who have to wait a year, then I don't have to be a year behind my medical school peers. I think the role of lotteries and non-merit-based systems in the real world is understated. Although I hope residencies don't operate this way, I know a company who hires interns based on the timestamp of their application rather than the content of their applications and interviews. If you ever do interviews, I'm sure you'll know what I mean when I say there are so many qualified applicants and it can be really hard to judge. However, I agree that you are right to choose Ottawa. This kind of doubt doesn't need to plague you for your entire career. It's going to shape every decision you make, even if the doubt is not based in reality. As such, I think that you would do better at Ottawa where you feel you've been accepted by merit. For myself, I think other factors (Hamilton location, three year program, 98% residency match rate) are more important in my situation. Obviously not everyone is going to use the exact same criteria to decide, that's why we're lucky that there's more than one medical school.
  3. Also, let's say the people who think the lottery class will be disadvantaged are correct. Your life doesn't end if you don't get matched in 2023, you can take another year and try again. You wouldn't even be behind in this case, just on par with people attending other medical schools, and graduate in 2024.
  4. Result: Accepted (Hamilton) Timestamp: 8:06AM email, 12:00AM OMSAS cGPA: 3.91 CARS: 129 CASPer: No interview at Ottawa, but I also feel like my ABS was not great so idk. Prepared for about a month Year: finished third year, finished internship year, did not start fourth year Geography: IP Button: No Will be accepting the offer! I feel like it doesn't matter that it was lottery-based, over 50% of the class gets accepted to McMaster anyway and I'm sure the remainder are accepted to other schools. If not, they apply again the next year and get accepted then. But if you don't feel that way don't accept your offer. Just my two cents, but I think that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy--people who think the lottery system will lower their chances might not make the best of their opportunities and end up worse off because of that.
  5. I scored 519 on my MCAT in September 2019, which was my first attempt at writing it. 129 C/P, 129 CARS, 131 B/B, 130 S/P. I did this while working 40 hours a week and studying for only four months. For the sciences, I used a technique called retrieval learning, which can be applied to your coursework as well. For the CARS section, I used a technique to optimize time and not get caught in the details, as well as pareto analysis of my mistakes. I have years of experience of tutoring and teaching. You will leave an hour-long session with me having actually learned something, not having acquired a list of topics to review on your own. You will go into your MCAT feeling more confident and come out ready to face the next step of the medical school application process. Rates: $40/hour at first, can negotiate down if you become a regular student All tutoring will be online due to COVID-19. I have a surface and will screenshare. Past students have informed me that this is not too different from regular in-person sessions.
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